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What will the Apex Legends mid-season event be about?

I am calling it right now: Apex Legends will hold some type of big event in July. That would be when the Broken Ghost quest line ends, unlocking the final PvE mission on what is roughly the halfway point of Season 5. Previous seasons have always held various events, and this season is very much setting up something big.

Why so certain?

Sure, there is no explicit reason for Apex Legends to have a mid-season event, and there has been no announcement to that effect yet. The Broken Ghost quest technically runs for the duration of Season 5, so Apex players who don’t drop in the arena every day can have some extra time to find the 45 treasure packs they need to unlock all the PvE missions.

That said, the quest is not just a long, slow collection event – it is a narrative. And narrative developments in Apex Legends always lead to in-game events, which typically feature limited time game modes and map changes. The way I see it, there is no way the final chapters of the Broken Ghost quest don’t trigger some sort of big change in the game, be it permanent or temporary.

What will this theoretical Apex Legends event bring?

The typical Apex Legends event arrives with an epidemic of new skins. Over time, Apex‘s cosmetic offerings have gotten more and more hype, and I expect this event will deliver on that front.

apex legends event
Crypto skin concepts from Respawn artist Tu Bui via ArtStation. The middle design became the Whitelisted Crypto skin.

More importantly – much, much more importantly – Respawn didn’t add a new weapon to Apex Legends at the start of Season 5, and a mid-season event would be the best time to right this wrong. Perhaps it’s finally time for the return of the king? Or better yet, the introduction of a brand new piece of murder hardware to the game; perhaps a melee-range weapon of some sort? Not that I am getting sick of new sniper rifles, but I am really getting sick of new sniper rifles.

If there is no new weapon coming in this very probable Apex Legends event, a new hop-up would be great too. The Mastiff and Mozambique both use incendiary shells – it would be cool if a hop-up turned the visual effect into a real aspect of these weapons, applying Thermite-like burn to targets hit by them.

If Respawn chooses not to add new weapons or hop-ups, the next best thing would be a brand new equipment type. I don’t seriously envision we’ll see the ammo belt briefly flashed in the Wattson reveal footage shown during EA Play 2019 added to the game, but it’s fun to dream.

The one in-game change I believe will most likely happen, is a map change. Revenant and Loba’s stories are intertwined very dramatically, with their struggle already affecting Kings Canyon’s layout in a pretty massive way.  Whatever Loba’s quest for revenge ends up unearthing at the end of the Broken Ghost quest line, I am almost certain it will introduce a new feature to the arena.

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