How to build a Clipper | Archeage Unchained Guide

Sail from the Halcyona Gulf to the Arcadian Sea in style!

Sick of that boring rowboat and looking to get yourself a nice ship in Archeage Unchained? It’s easy, just pick up the resources and start building a Clipper!

If you’ve played the game long enough, then you’ve noticed how useful and important ships are. They can be used to transport trade packages from one place to another, but they can also be used for a couple other things. That includes fishing, trading with other players, and if needed, escaping fights you know you won’t win!

Getting the necessary resources

Building your own Clipper boat is actually quite fun too, but it does require a huge amount of resources and also the help of allies.

Building a Clipper in Archeage Unchained

To be able to build your own Clipper, you first need to travel to Mirage Isle. Why? Well, this particular island is THE main trade hub in all of Archeage Unchained. Need a Glider? Mirage Isle. Want to build that dream house? Mirage Island. Anything and everything you might need to buy is very likely sold there.

Once you get to the island, you will need to buy the blueprint for the Clipper. This can be done either in the Harani Docks, or the Nuian Docks. I usually go with my own alliance’s dock, but that’s just me.

Keep in mind that Mirage Isle vendors trade in Gilda Stars, and for this particular project, you’ll need a total of 50 Gilda Stars (ouch!) If you lack Gilda Stars, then there are a bunch of things you can do to get some. You can do some story quests and complete those easy achievements that you missed. You can even do Blue Salt Brotherhood daily quests, or hunting quests.

For those of you who don’t know about hunting quests in Archeage Unchained, they are quests given by Request Manager NPCs. You can buy Hunting Requests from them at the cost of 1 gold each. Inside a Hunting Request is a quest for you to kill a specific amount of monsters. Once completed, you will get EXP, a single Gilda Star, and – of course – some prestige points!

Building a Clipper in Archeage Unchained

Building a Clipper

When you have the blueprint in your inventory, you can leave the island and start searching for the resources. The first actual step in building a Clipper is to build the platform near the sea. My advice is that you do it near a harbor or dock. To build this platform, you will need 10 Lumber and 10 Iron Ingots.

Bear in mind that once you build the platform, the game will protect your platform from other players for a period of 3 days. That means you have 3 days to build your boat in peace, without others bothering you.

To build the Clipper itself, you will need 1 Lumber Bundle, 1 Iron Bundle and 1 Fabric Bundle. You will need some help getting the materials to the platform, so if you have any friends or allies in Archeage Unchained, I suggest you contact them. Remember that all materials need to be crafted as trade packs before being brought to the ship platform. Once all materials arrive at the platform, it’ll be finished and you can once again place them in your inventory.

Then all you have to do is summon the Clipper and enjoy the ride! And remember, stay tuned for more Archeage Unchained content and news!

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