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Hello everyone and welcome back to another Archeage Unchained guide! Today we’re going to explore the proficiency system in Archeage Unchained and, hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ll be a bit more enlightened on the subject.

What is the proficiency system?

Alright, so the first thing you need to understand is that the proficiency system is a mix of 22 different skills. Just by pressing K, you will be able to see a full list of proficiency skills and your level at each one.

Every day, you will be given a certain amount of labor points and those labor points can be spent on quests or tasks that increase the specific proficiencies you want to boost.

Proficiency system guide | Archeage Unchained

Proficiency ranks

There are a total of 11 proficiency ranks and each rank provides certain benefits, plus a decrease in labor cost and production time. Whenever you wish to see the benefits of each rank, all you have to do is click on Rank Details in the proficiency tab. As for the ranks, they are as follows:

  • Novice – 10,000
  • Veteran – 20,000
  • Expert – 30,000
  • Master – 40,000
  • Authority – 50,000
  • Champion – 70,000
  • Adept – 90,000
  • Herald – 110,000
  • Virtuoso – 130,000
  • Celebrity – 150,000
  • Famed – 230,000

The numbers in front of each rank are the required XP you’ll need in order to get to that rank. From 0 to 10,000, you’ll be a novice, from 10,000 to 20,000 you’ll be a veteran, and so on, until you reach the Famed rank.

One interesting – yet a bit disappointing – fact about the proficiency system in Archeage Unchained, is that no player can completely max out all proficiencies. The game developers have set a limit to how many proficiencies players can advance past novice, plus a limit of proficiencies that can rank up all the way to Famed.

The limit right now states that players can only have 2 harvesting, 3 crafting and 2 special proficiencies at maximum rank. You can check out all the details on that by clicking Rank Details.

As someone who likes to max out everything in my MMORPGs, I was a bit disappointed with this, but I suppose it’s also how things work in real life? After all, one is perfect at everything.

As for leveling up any proficiency to max rank, it requires 230,000 experience points, which, believe it or not, takes a lot of time to accomplish. It could take less if there was no daily limit on labor points, but since there is, we are kind of stuck.

Proficiency system guide | Archeage Unchained

Types of Proficiencies

There are a total of three proficiency types:

  • Harvesting
  • Crafting
  • Special

If you are a harvesting and crafting fan like me, then you might want to consider using a Specialization Snowflake. This item is sold in any general merchant for 200 gold and allows you to increase the total number of specializations and proficiencies you can have at a higher rank.

I still haven’t tested if there is a limit to how many Specialization Snowflakes you can use, but what I do know is that every time you buy one, the cost for the next one will increase.

When working on your Proficiencies, there are certain items you can use to your advantage.

Armor and Gear

There are many pieces of armor, like the Dawnsdrop Gear, that a player can use to increase the proficiency score on specific proficiencies. You can get these by completing specific quests or by crafting them yourself. Using these sorts of armor will grant you the benefits of a higher proficiency rank, so you will be able to craft or gather high-level resources with a lower skill than usually required.

If you are looking to acquire such gear through quests, then you’ll have to complete the Blue Salt Brotherhood questline. Each armor piece will grant you a different proficiency benefit. For example, the cap will grant the player a higher benefit in artistry, handicraft and tailoring, the breeches will award the player with carpentry, gathering and masonry, and so on.

Proficiency system guide | Archeage Unchained


Aside from the gear, you can also use furniture to your advantage. The proficiencies which have functional furniture range from alchemy and cooking to carpentry, tailoring and similar proficiencies. Simply put, if you can make it at a workbench and place it at your house, then you can use it.

But there is a pretty limiting downside. In order to take advantage of the furniture, you will always have to be near it, otherwise the benefit will not apply. Simply put, you will always have to return to your house if you want to be able to use the benefit of the furniture. If you don’t have a house yet, then it is simply impossible to have use this method.

I love playing around with the proficiencies in Archeage Unchained and it definitely works to pass the time. And it’s a welcome break from the constant grinding it takes to level up in the game.

So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed this guide and let me know if you have any questions.

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