Upgrading your home in Archeage Unchained

So, you’ve spent a whole lot of time and resources to build your house in Archeage Unchained… and it isn’t exactly what you hoped for. Sucks, right? Plus, it doesn’t even come with furniture, yikes! It’s time to do some upgrading.

Well, don’t go into despair just yet, I know exactly how to help you fix up your home. In fact, in this article I am going to explore all the fun ways you can upgrade your house and even decorate it!

Furniture is life!

Having a home is fun and all, but it loses all its charm when you walk inside to 4 walls and nothing else whatsoever. Upgrading your home is quite easy, and you get to do it in whatever style you want! So whether you are feeling like going modern, classic, Japanese, alien aesthetic, just know all is possible in Archeage Unchained. That is, if you have the money for it, of course.

Upgrading your home in Archeage Unchained

The amount and size of the furniture will always depend on the type and size of the house you bought. So if you buy a 16×16 house, then you won’t be able to fit a Mansion Storage Chest inside it.

There is a near-limitless variety of things you can craft to decorate your home. I always recommend getting a fireplace. Not only are they awesome-looking, but fireplaces can be used as a cooking station, or as a teleport location for easy return trips.

Homes can also hold Regal Workstations. These stations allow you to craft high-level recipes, plus you can craft certain furnishings that provide a bonus to your crafting skills. How awesome is that?!

Outsiders in your home?!

So, you’ve bought and built a home or farm, and want to share it with your in-game family. Homes are set to Private by default, meaning only you can access your home. However, if you go to your house information menu, you can adjust it to include other players. These other players will be allowed to plant, tend, harvest crops and use your work stations.

And by the way, you can have an actual family inside Archeage Unchained. There’s even a Certificate of Family to prove it!

Upgrading your home in Archeage Unchained

Moving out

Perhaps you are feeling a bit tired of the home you built when you first started Archeage Unchained, and now you feel like you have no use for it. You can demolish it, and don’t worry, you’ll get the house design and bound materials returned to you. That way, if you want, you can sell that design and make a profit. The only downside of demolishing your house is that you won’t get your tax money back.

If, however, you just want to move your house to another spot, then use the “Full Kit” feature instead. That means that by spending building management titles, you can reclaim your house in pre-built form. This means you won’t need to build it again from scratch, so no need for more resources.

Congratulations: you are now an expert on upgrading your home in Archeage Unchained! If you are struggling to afford any of the house upgrades you want, check our my Archeage Money Making 101 guide.

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