9 Bannerlord mods that fix the game’s biggest problems

After years of me patiently waiting for it, Taleworlds finally decided to release Bannerlord’s early access version for me (and I guess others) to enjoy. And for the most part, the game is a beauty, with many new features the previous franchise games didn’t have, but as it is unfinished, some bugs and errors have also tagged along.

But the gaming community is an awesome one, and some very talented people have taken up the mission to make the game better, through mods, while we wait for the full official release. So let’s explore the best Bannerlord mods currently available to fix the game’s biggest problems.

Community patch

Bannerlord has had a bit of a rough start when it comes to performance issues. First, when I tried lowering the graphic settings to adjust to my previous dinosaur computer, the game would crash whenever I tried entering a town or settlement. Then there were the corrupted saves and the most creepy of all, the baby-looking character.

Well, the first mod on this Bannerlord mods list goes a long way to fix some of the game’s biggest launch problems. The Community Patch mod was created to fix those problems and a lot of other bugs, as we wait for the developers to polish the game’s official launch.

Bannerlord tweaks

So you have an awesome setup to play Bannerlord in and the game is limiting your options: no large battles, a low party size limit, a very slow siege engine build time… Then we get the Bannerlord Tweaks mod.

This mod makes the game a whole lot more interesting for players with a setup to use it, plus it fixes some other annoying bugs, such as the childbirth problem. This bug doesn’t happen for everyone, but some players have been complaining that their spouse has either been giving birth to children on a continuous loop – yikes, child support bills – or hasn’t been giving birth at all, risking your chances at producing an heir to replace you when you die.

Bannerlord mods that fix the game's biggest problems

Diplomacy fixes

Diplomacy is still a bit of a mess in Bannerlord. At first, you could propose marrying off one of your siblings to a strategic ally, but then the marriage never took place. Then, getting a neutral or enemy lord to see things from your perspective was a pain, if not outright impossible.

The diplomacy fixes mod was created to improve the overall diplomacy system, making it more realistic and just better overall.

Unit stat fixes

The unit stat fixes mod is by far one of the best mods currently available. Why, you ask? Well, if you take a look at your troops, you will often see that your troops will have stats that don’t really belong to that unit type. For example, an Imperial Crossbowman having a higher skill with a bow than with a crossbow, well, it just isn’t very effective. And don’t get me started on foot soldiers with ridiculously high riding skills and low athletics skills. Get this mod and thank me later.

Fixed launcher

The fixed launcher is for those planning on or already using mods in the game. When I first installed a mod, I played for a couple of hours, everything running smoothly. When I exited the game and got back in, the game loaded at a previous save, from before the mods were installed. So my advice is to add this mod and avoid having to replay the story over and over.

Better time

Bannerlord has 3-speed options in the game: pause, play, and fast forward. If like me, you hate the time it takes for a siege to end, or just wish to get from point A to point B faster, then the Better time mod is for you. Simply put, it adds a new button that fast-forwards time a lot more quickly.

Realistic battle mod

Bannerlord is much more realistic than the previous Mount & Blade games, but it it still lacking in some areas, mainly the battlefield. The realistic battle mod ensures you’ll get a much more real-life-like experience when playing the game.

Bannerlord mods that fix the game's biggest problems

How? Well, first of all, it makes armored troops a lot more resistant to damage than say, peasants and other troops that wear no armor. All troops will now defend themselves, rather than staying put, just waiting like sitting ducks for the enemy to strike. And the overall tactics system is improved.

Improved mercenaries

I’ve mentioned this before, but small clans and mercenaries don’t get enough attention since patch 1.4.1 kicked in. It is very disappointing as I feel they could play a larger part of the story, but don’t. Mercenaries are very scarce, and trying to find them in local taverns is quite difficult. Plus, when you do find mercenaries, they are generally weak.

Thankfully, I was not the only one thinking so, and the Improved Mercenaries mod was created.

Improved granary

I am what you’d call a trading lord. I am a lord in the service of the Northern Empire, I own a couple settlements and I make my money by roaming from town to town, buying items at a lower price and reselling at a higher price. That said, it is very annoying to see my settlements starve when I am very capable of providing grain to them. Alas, it is not an option in the game. Even with the granary at max level, my settlements lack food, and despite having loads of food, I cannot give them any of it. So I looked up for a solution and found the improved granary mod.

These are the Bannerlord mods that fix the game’s biggest problems. It took me some time to get them but I finally have my game running smoothly. I hope it works for you as well.

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