Borderlands 3 is still riddled with issues

Epic Game? Totally - but far from perfect

Borderlands 3 came out 5 months ago, and while Gearbox has done lots of good – and some bad – the game is in a really good place. It’s a great entry in the franchise – even when it doesn’t feel like it. It does an awesome job satisfying fans’ need for mayhem and loot while keeping itself different enough from its predecessors to stay interesting. 

However, it’s not a perfect title by any means from a technical standpoint. Borderlands 3′s issues are still numerous. There’s a few things Gearbox will need to fix before the exclusivity agreement expires in April. 

I’m stuck from borderlands3

Good luck running the thing

The game is incredibly hectic and fun… when the framerate isn’t tanking, that is. Running the game on high with top specs on PC nets you an unstable 60-90fps on a good day, while still dipping down to 40 from time to time. While possibly due in part to the chaos of the game, high end PCs should still be able to attain at least a stable framerate, no? You’re pretty much capped at 30fps on Ultra, so you may as well play on console anyway – if it would work, that is.

See, the problem is that the game is unstable on every platform, with console users even reporting full crashes. When it isn’t unplayable, it still doesn’t work as well as you’d hope.  Borderlands 3‘s various issues may get you ticked off to the point of quitting before getting a chance to settle in.

That’s not to say that it’s necessarily the fault of Gearbox when it comes to consoles. As it stands, we’re currently waiting for the release of the next generation consoles. At this point both the Xbox One series and the PS4 are getting old, and it’s possible that the game is just too intense and new of a game to run as well as it could. Doesn’t really explain the issues Borderlands 3 is having on PC though.

Glitch? Bad AI? Who knows

Another one of Borderlands 3’s issues has to do with fights. Sometimes you’ll be going along doing your thing, being a badass and all of a sudden the enemies stop taking damage, or straight up disappear. Usually when this happens in a game, you have two options. Best case is, you reload or quit out and relaunch. Worst case: your save is bricked and you start all over and hope for the best. Players have reported dealing with both scenarios, although luckily it’s usually the former.

Glitches out the ass

From infinite golden keys to completely losing your save files, Borderlands 3 has more glitch-based issues than weapons – metaphorically speaking. Borderlands 3 has at least one issue in pretty much every aspect of its gameplay, some more painful than others. Game crashes, corrupt saves, getting stuck in the map, disappearing inventories, and even the ever dreaded progression halt glitch. 

Borderlands 3's issues
User xvLunatic on Reddit getting stuck inside the map

Usually you’ll hear about this with older games; you’re playing through and enjoying yourself, when suddenly your mission bugs out. You can’t move forward and you can’t roll back to an earlier point to fix it. Resetting doesn’t help, reinstalling? Unlikely to work. So what do you do? Well, start up a new save buckaroo, cause now the only way you’re moving forward if by going backward and hoping it doesn’t get stuck again.

Every game has glitches – some more than others – but if the developer is not fixing them fast enough, that’s when players start to get angry. And if there’s anything I’ve learned; it’s that Reddit is anger central. 

Not the end of the world

These issues aren’t necessarily make-or-break for Borderlands 3, and they probably won’t hurt sales if the game moves to Steam like its predecessors. The game is still great, regardless of what problems it faces, and is generally well received. That said, Gearbox will want to fix the most glaring of Borderlands 3’s issues if they want players to have a smoother experience in their “Epic” game.

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