Channel Mysterio in Borderlands 3 – a Zane Flynt Guide

This ain't De Niro's Irishman

Welcome to our Borderlands 3 Mysterio-Zane guide! Because Zane Flynt – aka The Operative – is one of the weaker characters in the game, you tend to follow that chaotic run and gun Borderlands style more closely than Moze or Fl4K would, for example. Luckily, as Zane you have access to three abilities that allow your inner cowardice to shine through.

Zane has an attack drone, digi-clone and a barrier for you to choose from. The easiest way to run him would be to pop the drone, drop the clone and let them do all the work while you hide in a corner. But since this is Borderlands, let me show you how to have fun and feel like an action hero.

Zane Flynt’s Action skills – SNTNL,Digi-Clone and Barrier

My favorite ability to run is SNTNL, the attack drone, having Zane’s digi-clone as my secondary rather than running a grenade. Taking and returning fire with your clone while SNTNL mows enemies down around the battlefield is a perfectly chaotic and destructive way to play as some sort of Borderlands-based version of Mysterio.

No airspace is private

Aside from drone warfare, this build is all about quick reloads and quicker escapes. In the Hitman tree, focus on maxing Cool Hand and Violent Speed early on. Keep in mind, Zane has many Kill Skills at his disposal to help you make short work of your enemies.

Placing a few points into the Salvation kill skill gives you lifesteal when you kill an enemy, and grabbing Static Field for your drone fills your shields up so you can sustain yourself in firefights. Be sure to grab Death Follows Close and Seein’ Red to activate and strengthen all your kill skills at once. Luckily with SNTNL, Second Wind never lasts too long and your drone buddy will be there to help you up.

In the Doubled Agent tree, spread your points across Borrowed Time and Donnybrook. Borrowed Time gives you longer action skill duration for each active skill. Meanwhile, Donnybrook gives you and your clone increased damage and health regeneration. Additionally, Schadenfreude and Digital Distribution will help you stay in the game longer while redirecting damage to your clone and having it regenerate your shields.

Descriptions for Schadenfreude and Digital Distribution

The best weapons to run when playing this style of Zane are SMGs and shotguns. They keep you quick running around the field, and with points in Violent Momentum, speed becomes damage.

Become an Avengers level threat

The rest of your skills are determined by the playstyle you adopt when playing Zane in Borderlands 3. Do big boy damage or leave all the fighting to your tech and your friends? I personally like being right in the center of the action. Sure, I take more damage, but that’s what the clone is for. Drop your clone somewhere and run into the middle of the fight. If it gets too hairy, swap places and take a breather while your gadgets do the work and get you back to full strength, then swap back in and let the bloodshed commence once more.

Ultimately, the build showcased in this guide is flexible enough to let you enjoy Borderlands 3‘s Zane Flynt regardless of your preferred playstyle. You want to feel like a badass, or get the job done while playing it safe? With the Mysterio build, you don’t have to choose.

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