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5 annoying things that Warzone players do

Video games aren’t known as a place of refined etiquette. Players are often rude, sore losers. This isn’t an excuse, but competition is fierce and it’s definitely fine to express frustration. The best players in any sport are known to show emotion. With that said, there are some things people do that are downright annoying. We check out some of the more annoying things Call of Duty: Warzone players do.

If you identify with this article, check yourself. It isn’t funny or cute, and people don’t find your habits endearing. Go pick up a book or talk to somebody, because Call of Duty isn’t good for your mental well-being.

Leaving early

If you solo queue into a filled squad, you have zero right to ditch them if you die early. It doesn’t matter if they’re scrubs or not openly communicating – you need to see the game through. It’s too often that you watch Leroy Jenkins hot drop with three other full squads, die instantly, and rage quit even more instantly. The player won’t even attempt the Gulag. At that point, wouldn’t you rather just uninstall the game or play core multiplayer with infinite respawns? Get out of here with that garbage.

call of duty warzone leave game

This issue also pertains to many other team games. Leavers are a plague for the genre, and repeat offenders need to be punished accordingly (and they usually are.) If you hate getting killed, you should get good.

Loot hoarding

We all know a loot hoarder. This is the guy in your squad that won’t share ammo, armor, or leave a spare gun. It’s annoying having the leech hover around when you’re opening crates, scooping up all the good stuff while your character is in the middle of the interaction. The only way around this is to find you own building to loot or to hurry up. There are two types of animals in the jungle: the swift and the dead.


Good ole campers, the bane of every battle royale. There’s no way to get rid of these annoying Warzone players, so the trick is to adapt. This isn’t a request for people to cater to campers by camping, but to maybe play a little closer to these players. Campers aren’t exactly worthless, but it’s tricky to extract value from their play. Try using them as ammo and armor pack mules since chances are they won’t be shooting too many people.

call of duty warzone realism mode

There’s also a stark difference between taking situational advantage of the environment, and straight up camping. Rooftop camping is generally fine for the most part if there are a lot of players scurrying below. At least you’re driving action in the game.

This is more about the campers that hunker down in a shack in some random field around TV Station or some other forgotten place. If these campers refuse to move locations because they want to place higher in the game, maybe it’s worth ditching them and letting them do their own thing. It’s Call of Duty, not camping simulator.

Making weird noises through comms

Communication is key in battle royales, and Call of Duty: Warzone is no different. But it’s so hard not to be rude telling your teammate to shut their family up, move their dog, or to take the microphone away from inside their mouth because they breathe too loudly.

annoying warzone players captain price

It’s just such a struggle to focus when a mouth breather is tickling your ear with invasive noises. Change your microphone sensitivity, move it away from you, or simply mute yourself when you don’t have anything to say.

Also don’t you dare blast music for everyone else to listen with. You’re impressing zero (0) people by listening to Illmatic or some obscure black metal band while the rest of us try to frag. We don’t need this energy.

Trash talking your teammates

Fam. Chill. It’s literally a game. Go get friends to flame instead of strangers on the Internet.

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