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5 ridiculous Warzone kills you would be insane to try

Seriously, don't bother trying...

Call of Duty: Warzone is a simple game of survival. It’s you against everyone else, as last person standing wins. While killing the other players requires a certain level of skill, positioning, situational awareness, and cunning, sometimes it pays to think outside the box. We’re talking big-brain plays. The kinds of plays that leave players and viewers watching in awe, and the victim being immortalized as the loser that took the bait. We check out different ways people got crazy Warzone kills.

Explosive claymore-strapped ATV

Riding around on the ATV is the fastest way to get from point A to B aside from the helicopter. It’s easily the most unsafe vehicle out of the lot, and can’t host a team full of kitted out weapons. Your best bet to get a kill on an ATV is to attempt to run over another player.

Players got creative in Warzone Season Four, by slapping claymores on their ATV, and a trophy system in the back. You might ask how this is any different from running over people the normal way, and in all honesty, there is no difference most of the time. If you run over someone on foot, it’s the same. But if you bump into another vehicle, it goes boom. Your ATV suffers little to no damage, and the other player (or team) drops in a second. Innovation at its finest.

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Feign death

Pretending to be dead is hardly crazy until you actually use it successfully off a player. This trick won’t work if you just lie prone: you have to embrace the being-eliminated fantasy. You have to lose it all. We’re talking your gun, ammo, cash, armor, pants, and dignity. Put it all on the ground and wait for your victim. Once they get greedy with loot, jump the poor unsuspecting soul, and drain them of their life. Death by finishing move, melee, or gun would work just fine. This play typically works best in the buildings around Verdansk.

I couldn’t stop laughing at this death chat reaction after faking my death actually worked from CODWarzone

Explosive soccer balls

This crazy Warzone kill probably won’t be replicated any time soon. The likelihood of succeeding on an explosive soccer ball requires the player to have all the necessary ingredients. The premise is super simple: toss a semtex grenade on a giant soccer ball, and shoot the soccer ball towards the enemy.

In all honesty, this wouldn’t be the worst way to go out. It’s super crafty, and the kill feed would be hilarious to watch. It’s super gimmicky, and shouldn’t be a fear for anyone dropping in Stadium.

Graffiti fakeout

Call of Duty: Warzone is not quite on Apex Legends level in terms of boozle play potential, but the game does offer some pretty convincing graffiti art for creative players to use as decoys. It could be a total nightmare and death trap for unsuspecting, jumpy players.

Below is an example of such a play. This one kill really takes the cake: spray painting the door, coaxing the camper to unload a full clip on a decoy.

200 IQ Bar Room Kill from CODWarzone

The Phalanx

The Phalanx was a contentious topic to cover since it requires next to no skill, only major grief and a little coordination. The whole idea of the Phalanx is to assemble a group of players to take a riot shield class, slowly march up to players, and beat them to death after either stunning or backing them into a corner. It’s mad stressful to see four Roman legionnaires pulling up and commencing their advance in a final circle.

2000 IQ play from these guys. We ain’t even mad. from CODWarzone

It’s kind of jokes the first time, but gets super corny quick. This doesn’t quite fall in the category of Warzone crazy kills. It’s more like a group of crazy people doing a weird strat.

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