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6 perfect Call of Duty: Warzone camping spots in Verdansk

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Camping. Ugh, here we go. You’re here because you want that low-hanging fruit. You want those easy kills to flex your superior KDR to your friends. Laughter escapes your body as the unfortunate loser blindly walks into yourtrap. Ain’t nobody who’s gonna walk in on you sitting around doing absolutely nothing and live to tell the tale! We check out the best Call of Duty: Warzone camping spots in Verdansk.

Disclosure: We here at SQUAD do not advocate the act of camping. These Warzone camping spots require some skill to hold. Sniper/AR combo’s essential.

Warzone camping spots map
Exact locations of all places mentioned in the article

Downtown rooftops

If there was an acceptable spot to camp in Warzone, Downtown rooftops are it. It actually takes skill to shoot people from far enough distances, and you leave yourself exposed to other rooftop campers.

There’s a cluster of buildings located on the upper south-east corner of Downtown that provides a great sight line into the Ferris wheel and fair ground, Port, and Park. There’s usually a buy station close the Ferris wheel or the fire station due west, so camp to your heart’s desire. If you’re a skilled enough shot, and equipped with a sniper and AR combo, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to do 2000 damage safely.

Promenade East

The red roof buildings are all great places to camp, but nothing beats one particular square building on the northern outskirts of Promenade East. This building has a great sightline into the rest of Promenade East, Train Station, bits of Hospital, and some other great buildings in the surrounding area. It’s easy to lock down with a squad, and has lots of potential to get stragglers trying to make their way into the next circle.

This location is also very central to the heavily populated parts of the map, being a quick jog to places like Boneyard. And if the circle closes far from Promenade East, there are often at least half a dozen vehicles that could be used.

Prison towers

Prison in previous seasons was an impenetrable fortress that rewarded those who conquer it first. If you were fully kitted and stocked with loadouts guns, ammo, and armor, camping the Prison towers was almost guaranteed a win if the circle closed around it. Unfortunately for those who took advantage of this location, rappels were added to the game in Warzone Season 5. While a lot of the strategic advantage was lost when the two entrance points became five-plus entrance points, there’s still a lot of value to these Prison towers as one of the primary Warzone camping spots.

Prison is rather solitary from the rest of the map, but has a great 360 view of the surroundings. The high ground is also extremely high compared to other spots, offering plenty of cover against players below. There’s also a bunker tucked into the cliffs that could be easily camped if players decide to open it up. If the circle doesn’t shrink close to Prison, rip over to your next location via a helicopter.

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Torsk Bloc

This location isn’t a household name, but its twin U-shaped buildings have plenty of value given its altitude, and the fact that it’s close to centered in the map and has access to plenty of surrounding loot spots. More often than not, there is a buy station directly and in-between the two U-shaped buildings, so it’s super close to player respawns, and armor or ammo refills, if you have the coin.

It’s not painfully sweaty here, but players are almost guaranteed to pass by given its proximity to Train Station, and having Hospital over the hill. It’s not unusual to see squads duking it out on the hills to the east, so try to pick off some easy kills there.

Beware of squads going up the twin U-shaped building if you’re not able to hold both with your squad. There’s usually at least one firefight between the two complexes.

Bloc 6

Similar to Torsk Bloc, Bloc 6 isn’t a common drop spot. It’s not labeled on the in-game map, but its recognizable from its single red roof building. The red roof buildings are typically good camping spots, but this one is unique since there’s only one of them in the area. From here, you can snipe into Downtown, Stadium (if you’re good enough), and the people running from TV Station.

As far as early game, there are usually a handful of great contracts and enough buildings to loot to get an early loadout drop. You can also run to a buy station after a quick parachute, because one usually spawns in the area.

call of duty warzone airport

Airport traffic control tower

The ultimate 360-degree view in all of Verdansk is located in Airport’s traffic control tower. Like every other spot in this list, it requires a sniper and AR combo to really maximize its tactical advantage.

Holding the building is fairly easy since there’s typically only one way in, which is the elevator. Although, there have been times where people spawn in and parachute into the tower, or drive a helicopter into the building. Aside from that, set a claymore at the elevator exit and have someone camp the elevator shaft for intruders, and you’re golden in terms of security. They can only come up one at a time, so it shouldn’t be too difficult given the huge positional advantage.

Honorable mentions

The following spots may prove effective too:

  • Fully constructed buildings in Boneyard
  • Random houses in Farmland
  • WHP Camp
  • The top of Dam
  • Any corner your frightened self can find. We know you play with your brightness cranked up high.
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