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6 tips to win in Call of Duty: Warzone Armored Royale

I call shotgun!

The only way one could rise from the chaos is to be the chaos. Warzone’s Armored Royale is the embodiment of chaos in a battle royale. This mode introduced turret-equipped armored trucks that allow infinite respawns for squads of four. Armored Royale is simple on paper, but it’s hard to harness the insanity and unpredictability this mode brings. We’ll give you some essential tips on how to win your Call of Duty: Warzone Armored Royale matches.

Get friends

Armored Royale autofills quad teams. There’s nothing you can do as a solo or duo aside from hoping you don’t get paired with trolls and otherwise sub-optimal teammates. The only preventative measure you can have for queuing up with bad teammates is to enlist the help of your own bad teammates a.k.a. friends. That way at least you’d be familiar with the ways in which they suck.

When you queue up with friends, the likelihood of someone rage-quitting when they don’t get the mounted turret goes down significantly. Communication is a breeze. Chemistry goes a long way in any battle royale game, and it will save your butt in Armored Royale.

Warzone Armored Royale

Spend your money on truck upgrades

There’s a mini upgrade station on the back corners of your armored truck. Use it. It contains all the power ups your truck needs to survive the game. The priority should go to a trophy system and a heat-cooling barrel first, and then armor plates with the UAV upgrade afterwards.

The trophy system prevents any explosive from taking out massive chunks of your vehicle’s health pool. Heat-cooling barrel makes sure you can shoot for longer without having to stop. Armor plates offer extra protection for the truck and the gunner. UAV is self-explanatory, but holds more weight since few people make it to their loadout or end up purchasing one.

If you find yourself really struggling to keep your vehicle up in the middle of a shootout, maybe designate one teammate to keep topping up the health and armor refill for the truck in between shooting at the enemy team.

Don’t lump together

Different elevation points will always give your squad the tactical advantage. Armored Royale is different than standard Warzone battle royale games, since you can infinitely respawn as long as your truck is alive. The numerous self-revives popping out of crates and chilling on the floor make it easy for one teammate to run off into a building or to hang out on a roof. That affords another angle to shoot players from, or an escape route for that teammate or yourself to run to another buy station for a replacement vehicle.

In case you didn’t know, if you’re the last one alive and you spawn a truck, all your teammates will instantly revive. There is no delay – it happens before the truck even hits the ground.

Use other teams

When another team is hunting you down, try to get help. Find the nearest enemy truck and get them involved in the fight. Literally get yourself third-partied. If it works, the other team will end up as a distraction, forcing the pursuer to pick a target. Sometimes, you’ll end up kiting a team only to dump them off on another squad for them to finish off as you go repair your vehicle.

Worst case, you’ll end up sandwiched between two teams and you quickly queue up for another game after your team gets eliminated. However, this worst case scenario doesn’t happen often, so don’t hesitate to use this tactic.

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Don’t live in the gunner seat

It’s a blast sitting on the gunner seat. The constant shooting and the massive damage can make you feel like a one-person wrecking crew. With that said, be careful. The seat might be fortified, but you are vulnerable from above. There is no shame in bailing to armor up, get your bearings, or simply to survive. Shooting is fun, but do not sacrifice your own life and your team’s chances of winning for it. There are plenty of other trucks out there.

Destroy the truck

Fragging out is super satisfying, so don’t stop doing that. But when there’s an opportunity, make sure to pump lead into the enemy’s armored truck. If you don’t take their vehicle out, they’ll come back for you. Don’t get cocky with your squad wipe: make sure your team finishes the job. You also have a giant turret with unlimited ammo, so don’t be afraid to hold down the fire button.

Here’s a final tip, and this one is a no-brainer: if you find yourself solo queuing or running as a pair, be a good teammate. This is a fun mode and it should be thoroughly enjoyed. These wins don’t count towards your Call of Duty: Warzone leaderboard, so don’t throw a fit every time something small goes wrong in your eyes. Just take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!

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