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7 game breaking Call of Duty: Warzone glitches

Warzone is sometimes literally unplayable

Call of Duty: Warzone has had its fair share of controversies with its download sizes, hackers, and imbalanced weapons and metas. These are generally the topics players will mercilessly gripe about on Twitter, to the point of it becoming a community meme. The fact that the playerbase haven’t been as consistently up-at-arms about game breaking glitches means the Call of Duty: Warzone team is doing a half-decent job of identifying and rectifying these issues quickly (for the most part), or we all have Stockholm Syndrome.

Lets check out some of the more notable Warzone game breaking glitches of the past year.

Vehicles crashing an entire lobby

The vehicle glitch is one of the more recent game breaking glitches that’s happened inWarzone. It was so bad that Infinity Ward had to completely remove all the vehicles temporarily to ensure players couldn’t grief an entire match by crashing the game. This glitch involved taking a vehicle to a particular part of the out-of-bounds barrier, causing the game to kick all the players out of the game.

Final circle infinite spawning

Infinite respawning sounds cool in Warzone until you’re in a final circle with a bunch of players infinitely respawning. A Reddit user posted their experience getting caught in a solo match with over a dozen other players mindlessly killing each other after respawning over-and-over again. As all Warzone players know, that’s not how this works.

There was speculation that this was Infinity Ward’s way of shadowbanning cheaters, but that theory was never confirmed. Rumor has it that game still goes on to this day…

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Famas shotgun one-shot kills

From endless death to instant kills, this glitch is the complete opposite of the last one. Players figured out that the Famas Underbarrel Shotgun could down or kill a fully shielded enemy from over 20ft. away. While ammo for the shotgun is limited, players began stocking munitions boxes or visiting ammo caches to top up. A one-shot hipfire kill from a distance is everything to fear.

The Most Broken Thing in Warzone... (Now Patched)

The Demon gun texture glitch

This abomination of polygons terrorized lobbies with its bizarre hit-box and terrifying appearance. The Demon texture glitch invaded Warzone by corrupting the appearance of some guns, causing black spikes to stick out everywhere, hiding the player’s character.

This glitch got so bad that it got caught on multiple high-viewer streamers feeds. Tim “darkness429” Havlock stopped streaming Warzone altogether in fear that some of his viewers may have a seizure from watching this erratic and violent looking glitch.


Underground helicopter glitch

While this one is technically a glitch, the players exploiting it should be labeled as cheaters to rigging the game. The underground helicopter glitch was a minor sensation of players finding a break in the map to fly a helicopter underground, giving the exploiters free reign to shoot bullets up from under the map, taking out unsuspecting players who had no way to retaliate. It’s a zero-skill play, and the people who took advantage of this glitch should be ashamed for using it.

Mary Poppins drone glitch

The gift of flight is only given to those in Warzone who take a helicopter. Unfortunately, players found an exploit that enables them to fly without having to enter a helicopter. This recent glitch calls for two players to get recon drones, fly a drone into another player, and fly it inside their body. When set up, the 2nd player with the drone inside them have to deploy a recon drone, somehow enabling the first player to start up their own aerial transport business of sending the teammates to high places.

While this isn’t extreme enough to be considered a game-breaking Warzone glitch, this exploit should and would be considered cheating. It’s a known fact that you’ll win if you have the high ground.

Never-breaking gas mask

Streamer, Tyler “TeePee” Polchow caught a player exploiting a glitch that let them stay inside the gas without their gas mask ever breaking. This meant that the player had free roam outside the circle, allowing them to flank other players.

This is game breaking because there shouldn’t be any players lurking outside of the circle. Under no circumstance should a player survive that long outside the circle without a huge stack of cash, camped next to a buy station. And even that dream has to end someday.

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