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7 ways to make the Call of Duty: Warzone train not suck

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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 has brought some fresh changes and new additions to the game. One such addition is the shiny new train looping around Verdansk. Thomas The Tank Engine’s distant cousin is a little more sinister, as this unstoppable locomotive carries tanks, weapon caches, and an ammo refill station. If that isn’t versatile enough, it will deliver you to the gulag if you don’t watch where you’re stepping.

While hot dropping on the Warzone train is action-packed and rewarding, it loses value past the first two minutes of a game. It’s not long before you’re twiddling your thumbs taking a dull route around the map. If only there were a way to make it not suck…

Crank up the speed

Wow, is the train ever slow? A squad-mate should not be able to run into a house, loot it, and make it back on time. The Call of Duty: Warzone train should be menacing. Some full steam ahead, crash and bang type stuff. If the speed was tuned to be faster by even a fraction of its current speed, it would make the train a viable use of transportation, giving it the ability to loop the map more than the one or two times it does right now.

Passenger cabins

All the vehicles are too chaotic. Where’s the time for leisure? Taking a personal minute on a nice calm seat from Downtown to Airport. The train should have a car that players can camp in while traversing the map. It would make the mobile bringer of pain an actual point of interest for teams to hold down. If players aren’t into blasting RPGs out of their seats, it would make for a decent place to nap. That weird hollowed out middle car doesn’t count for this either.

Refuel/Refill stations

The weapon caches on the train are top tier. The half dozen orange crates will equip a trio at minimum with some high level weapons. So there are no complaints on that front. The complaint is from the lack of ammo, and the one-time stash of stuff. It would be great if the train could pull into points of interest like Scrapyard or Train Station to swap out the used crates for some new shiny ones. The start and stop nature would keep players on edge, and reward those who wait. Apex Legends seems to have done a solid job with their train in the game.

warzone train

Permanent shield turrets

The shield turret killstreaks are kind of lackluster as is in Warzone. It’s not that they’re entirely useless, it’s just the stationary nature doesn’t fit the run-and-gun style of Warzone. The map is just too big for it. The sentiment towards the shield turrets and train could totally change if they were placed on strategic points on the train. There would have to be some trade off with cover, so that it isn’t entirely overpowered, but shield turrets would make for a great counter against squads charging with their vehicles. Also, why is there a train with high priority cargo and no defense guarding it?

Create challenges for holding train

There’s no downside to daily challenges. It’s the ritual of doing the little things to gain extra experience points. They range from consecutive minutes alive, kills with a particular weapon, and starting a contract at a specific location. Adding some train daily or monthly challenges would add a little flavor to the game, making particular plays an achievement for players. I’m sure people would be down for consecutive minutes doing nothing on train. A challenge to ride a full loop on it would work too. Infinity Ward could get creative with it easily.

Juggernaut drop

This is something that should sit in the middle of Stadium, and I will advocate for a Juggernaut drop to stay out in the open for squads to fight over. If it won’t happen in Stadium, it would be amazing having it on the train. We’re talking some Hunger Games style bloodbath for a supply drop. The Juggernaut drop is game-breaking at the end of the game, but having it at the beginning would paint a huge target on the squad’s back. It’s survival of the fittest, rather than making the rich richer at the end of the battle.

juggernaut warzone

Choose your own adventure

There are a few junctions in the map that a train could easily detour through a different path. So far the train loops in one direction. The power should be in the player’s hands to decide what route the train takes, especially given the circle closing in. Warzone isn’t a train simulator, but a little directional control would give a lot of value to strategically-minded players, letting them choose where they would like to go in the map.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or require a PhD in Train Conductoring, either. Just hit some basic left/right button and call it a day.

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