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8 Call of Duty: Warzone players you find in every final circle

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The Call of Duty: Warzone final circle separates the filthy casuals from the try-hards, the passive players from the controller smashers, the boys from the man-boys. This article isn’t meant to discriminate against any fairweather players or make fun of the talented ones who get too sweaty; it’s to identify the different types of characters you might stumble upon in the final circle.

For those who aren’t familiar with Call of Duty: Warzone’s final circle, it’s the last phase of the match, pushing players into a small “safe zone” where they must fight to survive as the last person or team standing. If found outside the circle, the player will take damage until they either enter the circle or are eliminated.


Most Warzone players falls under this category. While there is a major stigma against camping, this is the most common strategy to last until the final circle. Campers will often spend the game sneaking around, snatching as many scavenger contracts, crates, and top-tier items they can handle. Once their appetite is satiated, they retreat into a building or bush, often acting reclusive unless provoked. They mimic the behavior of the house hippo.

While this strategy gets consistent top 10 appearances, the likelihood of a win is pretty low. Campers also need to find a loadout equipped with Ghost and Cold Blooded if they want to be truly elusive. “Get good” is probably the only advice that could be offered to these Warzone players if they want a boost in the “W” column.

cod warzone camping


These players might overlap with Campers. While Opportunists have evasive and passive tendencies, their behavior flips a switch when they smell gunpowder. They flock to the sight of a red dot on their minimap, waiting to pick off the remains of a firefight. These vultures don’t operate risk-free, since there are plenty others like them, so they must fight for their loot and territory. It’s not uncommon for them to rise as the endgame victors, but is it really a satisfying win?

The coach

Bless the souls of those Call of Duty: Warzone players who over-communicate. Coaches come with the best intentions, but often just shout nonsense over the mic. Overly analytical in surveying the environment, they will induce unneeded anxiety in the final circle. Every decision has five roads to the same destination. Even without the coaching, the team is aware there probably are four guys camping different floors, and that you can get pinched if you make one sudden move.

Sometimes the best play is to just unplug your headphones and enjoy the moment without someone barking in your ear. As mentioned above, best intentions. Not mentioned above: please shut it for like two minutes.

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Mad Max

These agents of chaos want to be seen driving and pillaging. Once their loadout is collected, they find the nearest vehicle they can use to wreak havoc on any player who stands in their way. These Mad Max types come in all forms, as they have no loyalty to any one type of vehicle. Solo or in a team, stupid is scary. Make sure you have an RPG or C4 handy so you don’t get run over.

Some special final circle variations include:

  • SUV-nation – These jokers want to go off-roading while maintaining their luxurious lifestyle. They aren’t afraid of a few pot shots, and pack the passengers seats with as many clowns as they can.
  • Wide-loads – Slap a trophy system in the back and go out for a rip. If you grab this vehicle, you know you’re going into the heart of the storm with no turning back. This is the wall breaking Kool-Aid man of vehicles.
  • ATV – You like to go fast. That’s it.
  • Tactical Rover – You like to go fast but you have some common sense and cover.
  • Helicopter – Why even bother? Imagine playing Call of Duty and not having the urge to participate.

Fresh out of the Gulag

Just a pistol and a dream. Can you fear a person with nothing to lose? In this case, not really…

Surviving the Gulag is Warzone‘s highest test of tenacity. A 1v1 to determine whether the player is skilled enough to be resurrected back into the game. Early and mid-game leaves plenty of time to catch up to the rest of the pack, but how can a player make a difference if they get booted from the Gulag after it closes? Truth is, they can’t.

At best, you can ruin another player or team’s chances at winning that chicken dinner. Even if the player survives that first encounter, they remain naked without perks or a game’s worth of stockpiled supplies. Even the sweatiest have a steep mountain to climb.

call of duty warzone rpg

RPG Barons

Without trying to be biblical, these players emulate the apocalypse by making fire rain from the sky. Always stocked with max rockets and an ammunitions box to refill their depleted stock, these lunatics deploy one of the most overpowered weapons to turn the final circle of the game into the literal final circle of hell. These players can usually be countered if you pick them off when distracted, but if they’re locked on you, it’s game over – especially if they have the high ground.


Trash. Pure trash.

Heavy perspiration

This one’s for the people with moist armpits – you know who you are. The few who have transcended battle royale gaming, maintaining the perfect duality between wet but not slippery trigger fingers. These deities of sweat will dominate solos with zero regard for virtual life, and put any team (duos, trios, or quads) on their back.

These are the players that screencap their biggest plays in hope that they get seen by the right team. The gamers that farm for karma on /r/CODwarzone, and look for clout on Twitter. Sweaty players drive the competitive scene, and humble other people with an undeserved inflated ego ; Apex predators keeping it spicy so others have something to work towards. While most of us respect the play and watch in awe, others crunch controllers to pieces and squeak the Sweat God’s favorite words shrilly through their mics: “OH MY GOD, HE’S HACKING!”.

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