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Call of Duty: Warzone blue access card in Stadium explained

What's behind door #1?

Infinity Ward recently dropped Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 and hid an Easter Egg somewhere inside of Stadium. Some goodies are hidden behind locked doors, and I’m here to tell you where to get them and what the Warzone blue access card really means.

Before we get into the guts of this mystery, credit goes to YouTuber MrDalekJD for cracking the stadium code. Season 3 introduced the idea of access cards, and Season 5 seems to push it a bit further.

It’s really a simple concept: find a blue access card and open a locked door. Red access cards were a one-key-fits-all when it came to unlocking the bunkers. They were an ultra rare drop in loot crates, and it was up to the player if they wanted to go bunker hunting for some loot.

On the other hand, the blue access cards only unlock certain doors in Stadium. There are three labeled cards that can be found in Stadium: CL-19, P2-16, EL-21. The contents of the room usually consist of some high tier weapons, ammo, armor, and killstreaks. It’s worthwhile to take the detour if you find one of these cards.

Where to find blue access cards

Stadium is a broad term. You can find the key cards both indoors and outside of Stadium. We’re talking the tents in the pitch, the concourse, garage, entrances, behind the bar, and wherever you can find a crate. Once you pick up one of these access cards, they will be displayed to the left of your player tag showing a blue graphic with an inscription. Each code corresponds with a particular room locked with a keyswipe lock.

P2-16 [Parking Level 2] unlocks a room in the lower level of parking garage.

EL-21 [Executive Lounge] unlocks a room on the upper levels of the stadium.

CL-19 [Concourse Level or Lounge] unlocks a room in the bar area of the ground floor concourse level.

warzone blue access card stadium el-21

8-Digit keypad lock code

While the loot is great, the Easter Egg hunting is a puzzle more than finding a room. Each of these locked rooms contains a computer. When the player activates the computer, it begins a sequence of numbers and symbols. Each room will only give a portion of the code, so players need to write them down on a spare sheet of paper. When all three codes are written down (or two, since it’s difficult to find all three key cards), players can then go to another room in the Executive Area of stadium locked by a keypad with an 8-digit password.

The trick to this puzzle is figuring out the association between the symbols shown and the numbers given. Use MrDalekJD’s example of the format used to decipher the code. Take the numbers and line them up, and that’ll be the confirmed number for line one. Take two different symbols and associate them with the one remaining number. Use that number to substitute symbols on the other lines. If a squad has all three blue access cards, it’ll be easier to figure out what the code is. It’s possible to figure out the code with only two lines of the passcode, but it’ll take some guessing to figure out what the last missing number is.

Stadium code
YouTube: MrDalekJD
warzone stadium symbols
YouTube: MrDalekJD

The loot

The payoff can’t be fully enjoyed if you’re the one cracking the code. Once unlocked, fireworks will detonate on the roof of Stadium, just like the explosions in the Season 5 trailer for Warzone. But it’s not all for nothing, because there’s a decent amount of overpowered loot to be taken from this room. It’s the standard orange loot crates, a couple of miniguns, a juggernaut loadout, and a unique blueprint “Enigma” for the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle. It’s not a bad haul for all that work.

The juggernaut drop alone is worth the headache. Good luck jumping through all those hoops in standard Battle Royale, though. If you really want it, try going for it in Plunder.

enigma galil stadium warzone blue access card

As far as intel left in the locked room, it shows a brand new photo of Mr.Z/Victor Zakhaev, who is the main villain of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2020). There’s also a photo of Verdansk’s downtown circle, which may have some relation to the nuke being built at Bunker 11. There’s also an offline laptop and radio, but it’s unsure whether or not those will be usable as Season 5 progresses. Is it possible that this is Infinity Ward’s way of signaling the end of Verdansk?

And for those curious, there haven’t been any changes made to the bunkers since their inclusion. No Season 5 additions or alterations. For now, the Warzone blue access card was the only mystery that needed unraveling.

It’s only the beginning of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 and there’s bound to be more events to be solved. For now, let the Easter Egg hunt begin! Not that it’s the holidays or that a festive rabbit is running around hiding eggs. Also rabbits are mammals and don’t lay eggs. I digress.

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