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Call of Duty: Warzone gas canisters explained

The explosive red barrel video game trope needs to go

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 has brought massive changes to Verdansk, as Warzone looks to shift over for the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War game coming out on Nov. 13. A train was added and Stadium was opened, but Warzone snuck in a feature that wasn’t covered in patch notes: gas canisters.

What are the Warzone gas canisters for and how can they be used?

Where to find Warzone’s gas canisters?

Finding gas canisters isn’t an exact science since this is a feature that hasn’t been addressed by the developers yet. Players have found gas canisters scattered around the map, sitting beside houses and unusable vehicles. They’re painfully obvious to see if you’re lucky to find one, colored in a vibrant red or yellow.

How to use them

You can throw, drop, or light a fuse to the Warzone gas canisters. Like in any and every video game with a red barrel, you can shoot them, and they’re going to explode. With that said, you can pick it up and carry it around. Warzone characters are surprisingly skilled at shotput and the Caber Toss, which allows them to throw the explosive or poison barrels an absurdly long distance. If timed correctly, players can also light a fuse on the barrel so that it detonates on some poor sap. It will ignite with a large boom and leave a pool of fire that can set players ablaze.

The yellow poison gas canister will detonate into poisonous gas (shocking). When it’s detonated, it will create the same effect as being stuck outside the circle. If you wander into that cloud of gas, you either take damage or equip your gas mask. Keep in mind that it will trigger the mask animation, rendering you momentarily useless.

What?!?! Throwable Gas Canisters from CODWarzone


If you’re lucky enough to find one of these Warzone gas canisters lying around Verdansk, there are plenty of creative ways to go about using them beyond throwing them at people. If you’re in a squad trying to hold down a building in Promenade East, you can stick C4s to the gas canister and detonate it when a player decides to roll on by. The explosion damage isn’t confirmed to compound, but the C4 explosion mixed with the incendiary aspects of the red gas canister will make for a deadly combo.

It wouldn’t make too much of a difference if you swap out C4 for a claymore, and set a trap to alert you if someone is entering your building. If you’re guarding a road, you could lay a couple proximity mines around a gas canister to eliminate a vehicle driving by.

Are gas canisters worth carrying around?

The red gas canister isn’t worth lugging around for long distances, but could probably be used strategically if you had the time and space to get set up. The yellow one is useful though, as it does release caustic gas. Even if you want to waste the gas canister as a distraction, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to do from a decoy perspective.

warzone gas canister poison
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Can I carry a gas canister and use my guns at the same time?

Gas canisters aren’t like trophy systems or mounted machine guns. If you pick up a gas canister, you have the option to drop, throw, or set a fuse. If you need to draw your weapon, you have to make one of those choices.

What does this mean for Warzone?

Boom? Who’s to say. It would make sense that they’ll blow up the map, but Warzone also promised to let players keep their gun progress and blueprints into future editions of the game. We’ll all have to wait and see Call of Duty: Warzone and its transition into the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War game. For all we know, it may trigger the Verdansk zombie apocalypse

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