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Call of Duty: Warzone Jail Break, Fire Sale and Supply Choppers explained

Warzone is changing it up with 3 new mid-game events

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone has dropped. Infinity Ward immediately released three game-altering events: Jail Break, Fire Sale, and Supply Choppers. These events could drum up some action and chaos into Warzone‘s stagnant mid-game. It’s up for debate whether or not these are welcomed changes, though.

Jail Break

Shout out to all the campers that are too afraid to loot mid-game. Cowardice might lead to positive results now that a Jail Break can pop up at any time. Once “Jail Break” is announced, a one-minute countdown will begin until all players in the Gulag or spectating a teammate will respawn into the game. The player ticker can get a lot more stressful to look at when 20ish players spawn back into the game.

This is a major boon for those Quad teams that have one player left, failing to find enough money to buy-in their three other teammates. It also might be worth rolling the dice and saving money for a Loadout on the off chance that a Jail Break does happen. May those odds be in your favor.

Fire Sale

Fire Sales turn Buy-Stations into the world’s deadliest 1-minute flea market, with prices that would put Tom Nook out of business. Once Fire Sale starts, Warzone turns into a race, as teams flock to the nearest Buy-Station so they can buy-in teammates and purchase killstreaks for free or for up to 80% off. Even if players are low on cash, it’s worth it to check out the Buy-Station to see what’s free or cheap, giving players a major leg up as they approach the final circle.

While the prices are super friendly, the environment is the farthest thing from. Beware of campers, claymores, proximity mines, and snipers; or give in to the dark side, and prey on some unsuspecting players desperate for a deal.

call of duty warzone season 4 campers

Supply Choppers

If the birds flying around Verdansk weren’t distracting enough, Warzone introduced a fleet of non-lethal Supply Choppers that are asking to be shot down. This mid-game event encourages players to destroy these Supply Choppers for a treasure trove of loot.

What’s inside those armored piñatas, you ask? Massive stacks of money, a gas mask, a grenade launcher, 3 UAVs, 2 armor boxes, and 2 munitions boxes. There’s also the possibility of finding weapon blueprints, MORE killstreaks, and a Red Access Key in addition to the bare minimum listed prior.

The loot is lucrative and plenty – in fact, it’s almost too much for a team to use. If your team decides to shoot one of these aerial goldmines out of the sky, it might be worth wasting as many of the killstreaks as possible so other teams can’t use your spoils against you. It’s also fairly risky shooting these choppers down, as it takes lots of firepower and exposes your location to other teams. It’s up to your discretion if the risk and ammo are worth the rewards. Just  don’t be surprised if your team gets jumped picking the loot up.

The events won’t always happen

It’s tough gambling on random events. You might be risking your game waiting for a Jail Break, or camping by a Buy-Station hoping the Fire Sale starts soon. There’s a chance that the events won’t spawn, or that all three would happen in the same game. The point of these events, for good or bad, is to create some chaos and anticipation in those games that seem to grind along without much happening. They also motivate players to shift out of camping or loot simulator playstyles, and consider taking some major risks for some major rewards.

These event can catch losing players back up to the rest of the lobby, or increase the wealth gap – killstreaks, self revives, and so on – compared to other teams. While it’s perfectly fine to sit out the Fire Sale and Supply Choppers, you might be missing out on advantages that could earn you that Chicken Dinner.

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