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Call of Duty: Warzone map changes players would & should expect

Call of Duty: Warzone has been pretty conservative about major map changes to Verdansk. The only change so far has been the inclusion of hidden bunkers opening across the map. While Infinity Ward keeps Warzone fresh by including new game modes, it might be time to reform the map like Apex Legends or Fortnite have.

The groundwork and Easter Eggs have been laid out for some epic Warzone map changes, so what should players expect?

When the levee (Dam) breaks

Would happen: The only Easter Egg that holds any serious value right now is a tactical nuke and The Shiny Red Button located in Bunker 11. It was also recently revealed that there’s another nuke hidden in Bunker 10! There are two nukes currently living on the map, and nuclear bombs generally have one purpose: kaboom.

If there were a location that could create Warzone map changes of cataclysmic proportions, it would be the dam breaking and flooding all of Verdansk. The map is currently separated by a frozen, mostly dried up river. Detonating a nuke could create running water forcing bridges as high value choke points for solos and teams to hold. This change alone would be a shake-up the playerbase needs.

warzone map changes dam

Verdansk Stadium finally opening

Would happen: Verdansk is barren. There had to have been an evacuation point for the residents to flock to as they were escaping the invading terrorist forces. Where else in the map could a large group of people safely gather other than the stadium? Pretty much nowhere. Stadium can be a focal point for the upcoming season with huge potential to change the game.

Stadium opening up has been something more or less expected to happen in this game for a while. Verdansk Stadium offers little to no loot and few places to bunker down. It has also been teased as a place that would be opened up at some point. There are multiple entrances and a retractable roof, basically another Prison that would be located in the middle of the map.

Stadium in itself is a full map, with separate sections for players to hide or lock down. If Stadium was housed as an evacuation point, the trove of loot can kit squads fully in a frenzy of desperate players. Imagine if a loadout package was in the middle of the stadium, baiting players to hot drop into chaos. The gulag would fill up right away.

Bloc 18

Would happen: Located just north east of Stadium and exactly due north of Lumber Yard, this isn’t a busy part of the map. This area has been deemed “Classified” by Infinity Ward’s Tac-Map Atlas. There’s zero benefit to labeling this low-traffic area as classified if they weren’t going to alter the surroundings.

The Karst Bridge is in the area, so maybe there will be some changes coming to that? Maybe the adjacent buildings to the fire hall house some in-game secrets yet to be revealed? Infinity Ward might completely re-purpose this area with huge Warzone map changes beyond our puny imaginations. Here’s to hoping it’s some weird zombies thing

Warzone map changes classified bloc 18

Blow up Junkyard

Should happen: Junkyard provides little to no value to Verdansk. The area located in the far west next to Boneyard is bare, with a patch of forest and a few houses. It wouldn’t be game-breaking if some base camps were added in the area as support for the invading troops in Verdansk. Some trenches and ditches dug into the roads or forest would provide cover to this pretty open area.

If those suggestions are a little too vanilla for everyone’s liking, just blow the whole place up, leaving a giant crater in the map. Something. Anything. Just change the area up somehow, please.

Demolish the south portion of Prison

Should happen: Blowing up and demolishing locations is literally the easiest Warzone map changes Infinity Ward can make, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Prison is a fortress that can win games if kitted out and held properly. With two entry points at the front gates and the basement, it’s difficult to secure a strong position if you weren’t camped in Prison early on. Losing the south section of prison would create a new entry point that can be climbed. This would give some reasonable purpose to an otherwise empty part of the map.

warzone map

Open up Train Station

Should happen: Train Station is similar to Verdansk Stadium in that there are places inside that could be opened up to the public. While you can run across the rooftops of Train Station, there should be upper levels indoors that players can roam.

There are escalators located outside the station that could be opened up but haven’t. Maybe there are headquarters based in the train station, or secret passages underground that connect to other locations like Storage Town and Airport? Some claustrophobic close quarter combat options would be welcome to this otherwise very outdoorsy game.

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