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Call of Duty: Warzone Mini Royale is the most fun mode yet

Call of Duty: Warzone took hot drop to new heights with Mini Royale. The new game mode didn’t reinvent the wheel, but cut the time of standard games in half. Warzone’s Mini Royale is regular battle royale except players drop into Verdansk during the 2nd circle, and this trio mode hosts 100 players. It’s jam packed with adrenaline, and never has a dull moment.

Described as the first and last five minutes of a game doesn’t fully explain this 80’s action movie simulator. Because of the crunched down map size, it’s impossible not to run into somebody as players navigate house to house. It’s likely squads you’ll come across won’t be fully kitted out, and they’re probably just as starved for ammo and armor as you are. Luckily loadout drops happen as the circle first closes, but you can bet everybody else will be beelining it for them.

Call of Duty Warzone: Warzone Rumble

Second chances aren’t a common, since the Gulag closes early on into the third circle. This puts pressure on trios to either play super aggressively in the beginning, or play it safe and scavenge as much gear as they can. Most of the buildings will be covered in gas right from the start, so there isn’t too much players can loot. There’s also significantly fewer buy stations to cash-in to.

Warzone Mini Royale is best suited for either the super aggressive or the extremely defensive, and is super intense from beginning to end. There shouldn’t be too many players running around with a Most Wanted contract hoping to respawn their other two teammates.

Warzone Season Five has been a hit so far, and hopefully the action stays in Verdansk for a bit longer. With Mini Royale, the question now is whether Infinity Ward should up the ante even more. Including a Realism or Hardcore mode could put players further on edge, separating the Mini try-hards from the Mini scrubs. They could even drop 200 players in Mini Royale if they wanted to straight up anger the playerbase. Personally, I think the level of chaos is perfect where it is right now.

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