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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 subway system explained

I choo-choo-choose you Pt.2

[Editor’s note: Some of the information below is outdated. Check out our updated Warzone subway system guide instead!]


Call of Duty: Warzone dropped a cinematic trailer for the upcoming Season 6, set to start Sept. 29. Farah Karim, one of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare protagonists, will finally be a playable operator alongside Nikolai. While this in itself is massive news for fans of the campaign, the bigger news is the introduction of the Warzone subway system. Verdansk goes underground!

How will the subways work?

Warzone‘s trailer didn’t offer too much information, only showing a squad navigating the unpowered subway tracks, and Farah clearing the squad as Nikolai powered up the trains. This could leave room for travel on foot, with one track in use for a subway train to zip around Verdansk. There’s already a cargo train making its way around the map, so why can’t there be another one underground?

Some players are speculating that fast travel could be introduced, but that doesn’t make any sense for a battle royale game. If the Call of Duty: Warzone subway came with loading screens, players would riot.

There is also the concern of players getting trapped in tunnels, so will there be emergency hatches opened up so the circle doesn’t catch players without any way to avoid it? We don’t know yet. Hopefully this won’t be a situation that could just sneak up on you.

warzone verdansk subway station

Where are the Warzone subway stations?

There are seven subway stations scattered around Verdansk. They aren’t hidden, but the entrances have been gated up since Season 1.

  • Airport – Station A
  • Lozoff Pass – Station B
  • Stadium – Station C
  • Downtown – Station D
  • Promenade East – Station E
  • Train Station – Station F
  • Torsk Bloc – Station G

We wrote about the best camping spots in Verdansk, and it turns out that two out of the seven locations are directly beside a Subway entrance, and two other locations are a short walking distance away. That’s another reason to use caution when using the Call of Duty: Warzone’s subway system. You can also use the locations to your benefit if you’re fully kitted out, camping away and picking off stragglers that cross your path.


The subway tracks should be littered with loot. It’s a literal warzone that has been ravaged, leaving no building unturned. It would be borderline irresponsible if there weren’t any secret hideouts or bunkers, holding a thing of Juggernaut Armor or some killstreaks, alongside some heavy-duty weapons. The trains will hopefully be treated the same as the above-ground counterpart, so the hope is that there will be high tier loot to snatch up.

Can touching the electrical tracks kill you?

Video games suspend reality. If Call of Duty: Warzone decided to ignore the fact that electrical subway tracks can kill someone with thousands of volts of electricity, I’m sure the playerbase would either be OK with it, or indifferent. With that said, the trailer made a point of showing electrical sparks on the tracks when the subways powered up. This could be indicating that train tracks are either timed or lethal in certain places. The tracks will definitely be something to look out for.

warzone verdansk subway system

Will I be able to drive on the tracks?

Players have been able to drive into the subway system entrances, but there was nowhere to go past that. Chances are that the entrances will be closed up like any standard, global subway system. The best a player would be able to get away with is maybe an ATV.

Subway dwellers

It’s not difficult to imagine people camping the subway tracks. It should be dark with plenty of nooks to hide in. We will call these people Subway Rats. Hopefully it’s less annoying than the birds flying around.

We will update this article as more information’s released on the new Warzone subway system!

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