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Call of Duty: Warzone tips for Zombie Royale

Zombie Royale is one of the latest game modes to hit Call of Duty: Warzone. Included in The Haunting of Verdansk update, the undead can now take over the Versansk map in this limited time mode.

Zombie Royale keeps the gameplay of Warzone with a unique twist. Instead of hitting the Gulag when eliminated, players return as zombies. They are then dropped back in to run a scourge on all teams still alive. Though not all hope is lost for those zombified players. They can be brought back as humans by collecting two antiviral syringes off eliminated players.

While at its core, the survival element of Warzone remains. The last human team alive wins the match, alhough that’s easier said than done. Human players not only have to combat enemy teams but the zombie forces as well. On top of that, the map begins with the circle already closing in. This forces teams to populate major POIs quickly.

We’ve put together a list of tips to help guide you through Warzone Zombie Royale as both a human and a zombie.

Aim for the head

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that zombies are exceptionally vulnerable to headshots. Keeping with classic zombie lore, you’d be wise to keep an automatic weapon handy and aim for a zombie’s dome.

If you’re customizing a loadout specific for Zombie Royale, you may want to equip the Overkill perk, which allows you to double up on primary weapons. A gun like the MP7 or MP5 may be a good secondary, as zombies are agile.

Keep your eyes on the sky

Zombies can leap to extraordinary heights. On top of being equipped with a gas grenade and EMP blast, zombies have a jump ability. When using this, zombies can access short and medium height buildings with ease.

While you’re always going to want to keep an eye open for any corner or open area, watch the skies above. As a zombie leaps, it will leave a blue trail behind it. Because of how versatile the leaping ability is, a zombie can effectively get the drop on you and your team. Keep your wits about you when navigating cover-rich areas such as Downtown or Promenade.

Use the heartbeat sensor, thermals, and UAVs

You would assume that when a player is eliminated and returns as a zombie, they wouldn’t have a beating heart. Despite all logic, zombie players do show up on Heartbeat Sensors. Additionally, zombies will appear on UAV radars when activated and can be identified when using thermal sights.

On top of keeping tabs on human enemies, both the heartbeat sensor and UAVs can be essential to winning a Zombie Royale match. Like always, Heartbeat Sensors and UAVs can be found as loot. You can also purchase the UAV from the Buy Station like always. However, you can customize your loadout to include the Heartbeat Sensor and thermal sights for your weapons.

Thermals can be incredibly helpful to spot both zombies and human enemies during a match. As the Zombie Royale mode takes place at night, it is a bit harder to see enemies if they are hiding in the shadows or among the trees in a forest.

Use your fallen teammates for assistance

If a member of your team is eliminated, they will come back as a zombie and play for a chance to coming back as a human. As they are working towards collecting antiviral syringes, keep your communications going as they can help identify human enemies.

Zombies can track the human enemy very effectively as they are outlined in bright purple lighting when close by. This is when callouts can be incredibly useful. Although your teammate is undead, you can still work together all the same.

Zombies should prioritize collecting antiviral syringes

When eliminated, you will drop back into the match as a zombie. Upon hitting the ground with a concerning thud, your focus should be laid on collecting two antiviral syringes. Two is all it takes to be brought back as a human with your inventory and continue playing towards victory.

Antiviral syringes appear on the map and will be automatically picked up when in close vicinity. They’re hard to miss as they are purple and float slightly off the ground. In case you can’t find one nearby, they do appear on your radar and will remain unless another zombie acquires it first.

Also consider that you can always drop back on your own dead body if you feel like taking that risk.

Zombies should keep swiping

Although zombies do not have access to weapons, their melee attacks are deadly. All it takes is three swipes to down an enemy human. Zombie attacks do not affect armour plates. Instead, they will directly impact health, depleting it in seconds.

Humans can be seen as an obvious threat. They have the tactical advantage and can defend themselves from a distance. However, with the leap ability and gas grenade a zombie has, it’s easy to overwhelm a single enemy.

Zombie Royale will be playable in Warzone until Nov. 3 when The Haunting of Verdansk event concludes. Happy Hunting!

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