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Call of Duty: Warzone’s Red Access Card and nuke explained

Press the "Shiny Red Button"

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare recently released a massive patch, 1.21, for both its core game and battle royale mode, Warzone. The patch addresses the additions of Blood Money Quads, blueprints, the armor box, and weapon changes in the Gulag. It’s mostly a standard post until you get to the bottom of the page, which has a cryptic message:

“Number station <redacted> is Protocol Yellow. Activate <redacted> system. <redacted> is inbound. Awaiting correct authorization.”

Some people are speculating that this line referencing Call of Duty: Black Ops is either a teaser of the rumored upcoming COD Black Ops game, or the announcement of the bunkers being opened. All we know so far is that there’s finally a use for the Red Access Card!

Red Access Card

Released in April, the Red Access Card was formerly a mysteriously useless item. That changes now. This ultra rare loot drop, only found in crates, can now open the 11 bunkers scattered across the map. These bunkers are host to a treasure trove of loot, and may contain more secrets that haven’t yet been unveiled by Infinity Ward. While these locations need insane luck to unlock, it’s well worth the time and effort to explore. The bunkers are also goldmines for cash if you’re playing Blood Money Quads; just make sure an enemy player or team doesn’t spot you.

Bunker 11

Ten out of the eleven bunkers simply need the Red Access Card to open the barriers. All the bunkers are great and provide value, but Bunker 11 in particular is a lot more complicated to pry open. Hope you like answering phones, and have recently brushed up on your Russian!

When players aren’t trying to win, they might be playing with the phones. With what used to be just a disconnected dial tone, Infinity Ward has now included a couple phone conversations in Russian. For those who aren’t adept in the Russian language, it translates to:

“- To all units! The base is captured, change the encryption!
– Now…
– 6 2 3.
– You heard?”

Context aside, the numbers here are key. Unfortunately, the numbers change from game to game, but the conversation stays the same. Each number corresponds to a particular phone located on the map. If the phones are picked up in the correct order, they can combine with a red access card to open up Bunker 11. When inside, you can find: more crates than a player can handle, a unique MP7 blueprint not yet fully available in-game, unique operational rooms that may hint at future events, and the Shiny Red Button.

And if you push the Shiny Red Button that’s hidden inside the bunker, it will clear the mist in the room adjacent and reveal a tactical nuke that requires assembly.

I made a Warzone EE bunker guide with all of the current phone locations etc, I hope it helps you! from CODWarzone

The Nuke

There is absolutely no way the tactical nuke drops in the game as a killstreak. This needs to be prefaced before anything else. The only exception is if someone gets super sweaty and pops 75 kills in a Solo BR game. If anyone deserves the honor, it’s the single player that wipes out half the people in the lobby. The only catch is that will probably never happen (team count excluded), unless you’re Thanos.

From an event standpoint, the reveal of the nuke can bring major repercussions to the game. Battle royales in general have to keep fresh by including environmental changes to the map’s layout. What could bring a bigger change than nuclear fallout? Nukes have long brought pivotal moments in COD games, ever since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (RIP Vasquez & Jackson). This reveal could mean major changes, or even the destruction to Verdansk.

The characters involved in this nuclear plot haven’t been mentioned either. Who are they and what’s their plan? Who’s capturing their base? Maybe weaponized armored vehicles will be introduced at the Military Base or other high priority locations near some of the hidden bunkers. What if the bomb goes off and The Dam breaks? *Puts tinfoil hat on* Could the nuke trigger mutations in the missing residents?

Modern Warfare Remastered - Nuke Scene


Lets live in a dream world for a second. Infinity Ward decides, “Lets do something that hasn’t been done before” and flips the script on the game entirely. An event of epic proportions that changes the landscape of the entire battle royales: zombies spawn in the aftermath of nuclear fallout in the area of Verdansk.

While players typically worry about other players lurking around every corner, they now have to be alert for the zombie residents that inhabit the map. Some areas would have a higher population than others – areas like Downtown, The Promenades and Hills – and they could offer better loot than other locations. Players would most likely settle for a free Zombies mode, and I’m sure this would welcome a fresh take on what seems to be a recycled genre of gaming. The only caveat is the game would be similar to H1Z1.

Here’s to hoping the Call of Duty player base gets 30 GB worth of nuclear changes. For now, this is all speculation until Season 4 kicks off on Tuesday, May 26.

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