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5 silly Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guns for your new loadouts

Extra Call of Duty: Modern Warfare loadouts were quietly added in the last update. Overshadowed by the new crossbow, the extra classes give players a total of ten custom classes. Here are five fun, viable and silly guns to play around with in your extra Modern Warfare loadouts.

FN Blemish – FN SCAR 17

Call of Duty Modern Warfare loadouts SCAR 17 attachments

The SCAR 17 has gotten a lot of attention online for it’s distinct look when equipped with a 40mm grenade launcher. With the release of the battle pass and a unique blue print called the “The Traitor”, I decided to kick things up a notch to keep the tradition of ugly SCAR setups alive while making it a deadly accurate rifle.

Full Loadout

Assault Rifle Golf – FN SCAR 17: The Traitor Blueprint

Barrel – Forge TAC 20.0″ LB

Stock – XRK Obelisk Pro

Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor

Underbarrel – 40mm High-explosive

Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape

Secondary, Perks and Equipment

1911 / Scavenger, Ghost, Shrapnel Claymore, Stun Grenade

Call of Duty Modern Warfare loadouts SCAR 17 class

This is one beefy blaster. The ADS is slow as hell between the barrel, muzzle and underbarrel launcher, so Stippled Grip Tape is a must-have. The FN Blemish is laser accurate at range, and the ugly 40mm grenade launcher can be useful for clearing ojectives. If you find the ADS speed is too slow, drop the Monolithic Suppressor and take the Fully Loaded weapon perk.

The Blemish eats through ammo like crazy, so Scavenger is a must-have perk if you plan on camping. Ghost and Shrapnel, which gives you an extra claymore to use, will help with that. Taking a scope instead of a suppressor can be useful for holding long angles. The rifle has little recoil, so control your shots and rack up high killstreaks. Your gun might be on the ugly side, but at least your stat line will look great.

The Small PP – PP Bizon

Call of Duty Modern Warfare loadouts PP19 Bizon attachments

Have you ever wanted to run and gun while having enough ammo to take out a whole team without reloading? Get yourself a Small PP. This setup is built to show that big magazines come in small weapons systems. The Small PP is great for a fast style of play, putting suppressing fire down range or taking out enemy air support.

Full Loadout

Submachine Gun Echo – PP19 Bizon

Barrel – 8.7″ Steel

Stock – No Stock

Muzzle – Compensator

Ammunition – 84 Round Helical Mags

Optic – Solo zero Optics Mini Reflex

Secondary, Perks and Equipment

PILA / Scavenger, Pointman, Amped Frag, Stim

Call of Duty Modern Warfare loadouts PP19 Bizon class

An 8.7″ Steel is a respectable size barrel for the Small PP, as it helps with damage range and recoil control. Make sure to have a  Compensator for your Small PP, as the gun bucks when putting dozens of rounds out. No stock lets you zoom around the map and ADS quickly on targets. The 84 round magazine lets you take multiple fights back-to-back without being caught reloading.

You’ll be putting a lot of bullets down range, so Scavenger is a must. I find this is a good gun for defending objectives and catching your enemy off guard. Bunker down near a Domination flag and gain capture, defense and kill points quickly to earn scorestreaks fast with Pointman. Amped lets you swap to and reload your PILA faster for quicker air support take-downs. In a pinch, the large magazine can be used to whittle down aerial killstreak health.

The Wingspan – .50GS

Call of Duty Modern Warfare loadouts Deagle attachments

Have your Desert Eagle spread it’s wings and let bullets fly across the map with the Wingspan. Balanced for accuracy, range and fire rate, you can one tap people with ease and a little skill.

Full Loadout

Handgun Delta – .50GS

Barrel – FORGE TAC Enforcer

Trigger Action – Match Grade Trigger

Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor

Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape

Laser – 1mW Laser

Primary, Perks and Equipment

Personal preference / Double time, Hardline, Tracker Frag, Stim

Call of Duty Modern Warfare loadouts Deagle class

The FORGE TAC Enforcer and Monolithic Suppressor give the Deagle better range and accuracy. This big bird takes time to aim though, so throw Stippled Grip Tape on to get better ADS speeds. The Match Grade Trigger is the perfect balance of fire rate and stability, but lowers hip fire accuracy. Take the 1mW Laser to compensate.

I used this setup in Realism Mosh Pit to grind out the gold camo. It’s an especially deadly gun in the dark, allowing you to ADS without holding the gun to the side like most rifles you’ll face. The Wingspan’s accuracy and range are fantastic for both long and short range fights. Throw in Double Time and Tracker to keep on the move, flanking your opponents and executing them with sick one-taps. The Wingspan is a great addition as a secondary to your Modern Warfare loadouts.

The Mini4 – M4A1 build

Call of Duty Modern Warfare loadouts M4A1 attachments

The M4 is one of the most versatile guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, even with the nerfs the dev team has given it since launch. Want a faster play style while still grinding M4A1 camo?  Have a look at this pocket AR that still packs a punch.

Full Loadout

Assault Rifle Charlie – M4A1

Barrel– FFS 11.5″ Commando

Stock – No Stock

Underbarrel – Ranger Foregip

Ammunition – 9mm Para 32-Round Mags

Rear Grip – Rubberized Grip Tape

Secondary, Perks and Equipment

X16 / Double Time, Hardline, Amped/Tracker / Semtex, Stim

Call of Duty Modern Warfare loadouts M4A1 class

The shorter barrel and no stock let you zip around and quickly ADS on targets. However, taking no stock gives the gun some kick to it, even with the lower caliber 9mm magazines. I recommend the Ranger Foregrip and the Rubberized Grip Tape to help with the vertical recoil. The shorter barrel can make picking off far away targets a test of your accuracy. If you’re finding the 9mm mags lacking in stopping power, replace them with a Monolithic suppressor for some extra damage and damage range.

You’re going to want to hustle around, keeping your enemies close and in killing range. Take Double Time to get your movement speed up, and Hardline to get lower requirement killstreaks faster. Stim shots will help keep you alive while on the run. Amped is great for quickly switching to the X16 when you’ve run out of ammo, but feel free to take Tracker to get a lock on enemy movement.

The Zoomstick – 725 build

Call of Duty Modern Warfare loadouts 725 shotgun attachments

From one overpowered gun to the next. The 725 double barrel shotty terrorized the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare servers for weeks after launch. It was a fantastic shotgun with wild range and stopping power, and to be honest it still is. Those two qualities are maximized in this build.

Full Loadout

Shotgun Charlie – 725

Barrel – Tempus 32″

Optic – Brownlee 32mm Scope

Ammunition – Slug Rounds

Underbarrel – Merc Foregrip

Guard – Tempus SlimGrip

Secondary, Perks and Equipment

Second primary weapon / Overkill, Ghost, Amped Claymore, Stun Grenade

Call of Duty Modern Warfare loadouts 725 shotgun class

The Zoomstick may not have the pinpoint accuracy or range of a traditional sniper, but damn is it satisfying. Nothing is better than seeing someone rage in game chat because they just got clapped by a sniper shotty. The slug rounds kill in one shot at most ranges if you hit chest and up. If you do get a hit marker, the following shot is fast and deadly. The Merc Forgrip will help with recoil and the ADS speed that the sniper scope limits, while the SlimGrip guard helps with aiming stability. The Tempus 32″ barrel bumps the range and accuracy up on your shot.

Take Overkill and keep your favorite primary on your back just in case. You’re vulnerable in close ranges, although quick scoping is not difficult if pressured. The Ghost perk and a claymore will let you set up shop somewhere and start picking off enemies at mid ranges. Stuns can be great for peeking corners where you know the enemy has a better gun for the situation.

Load up on Modern Warfare loadouts

Got any suggestions for custom loadouts you love having fun with? Drop them in the comments so others can try them out too. And stay tuned to SQUAD for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare content and coverage!

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