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How to navigate the subway system in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 came barreling down the tracks. The update released on Sept. 29 and delivered a new Armored Royale mode and gun tweaks. Most importantly, Warzone Season 6 added the Verdansk subway system.

The Verdansk subway runs throughout the heart of the map. You may be wondering why Infinity Ward added a new mode of transportation after the train in Season 5. The subway system works quite a bit differently, and introduces new opportunities for travel in Warzone. Fast travel, that is.

Season 6 has opened up the seven subway stations that have been inaccessible up until this point. The stations are now connected by the subway routes which run through various hubs on the map. Until the train, the Verdansk subway acts as a fast travel system.

We will take you through how the Warzone subway system works and what advantages you may find by riding it in your next round.

Verdansk subway locations

Over the course of the previous five seasons, yo have likely come across the various subway stations. Each of the entrances features an overhang with a staircase leading down to a platform. In former seasons, the entrances into the subway were blocked off, leaving only a loot chest to find and open.

Now, the seven stations have been opened. Warzone players can now venture into the subway and get on a train upon arrival. The train will then instantly transport your squad to another destination.

The seven subway locations are as follows:

  • Downtown
  • Stadium
  • Lozoff Pass
  • Airport
  • Torsk Block
  • Train Station
  • Promenade East

Each of the seven subway stations is identical in layout. That may be underwhelming news. However, from a strategic standpoint, once you learn the layout of one, you can easily play around them all.

Each station has two different lines. Signs located around the station will help identify which direction the subway will take you. Intermittently, a train car will come into the station and take you either clockwise or counterclockwise around the map.

How the subway works

In each of the seven subway systems, trains will frequently appear to take you to the next location. Unlike the train, which works as a perpetual form of travel, the subway is a method of fast travel. Players are unable to select which station they would like to travel to. Instead, each station can bring you to one of two destinations.

The Train Station subway, for instance, will take you to either Promenade East or Torsk Block. From your destination, you can either wait for the next train to continue your journey, or leave via the exit.

The subway trains will never leave if a team is engaged in gunfire with another team while inside the train. Offensive or defensive plays must be contained on the platforms to keep the train moving. Additionally, trains will not transport a team to a station that is not contained inside the current circle. All stations in the gas will become inaccessible, for obvious reasons.

Subway tips and tactics

Don’t make the mistake I’ve seen a few teams make. In the heat of a gunfight, the train tracks should never be used to get away from flying bullets. The tracks are electrified and will slowly kill you if you walk on them. In between the two subway platforms, there are accessible stands you can jump on to get across.

Always expect a fight when getting off the train. Just because it may seem quiet as you take your first steps off the train, that doesn’t mean no one is around. Camping teams can take advantage of the subway system. They can systematically wait for your arrival and begin opening fire as you leave the station. The subway station locations were prime ambush locations in Warzone even before the subway system was added.

Each subway has an escape hatch to use as an alternative exit or entrance. These can be great for flanking a team you know is heading towards the train. Alternatively, you can use it as a way to run away from incoming fire.

The subway system compliments Most Wanted contracts quite nicely. If you’ve taken on a Most Wanted and the area you’re in gets too hot, a quick train ride could lead you to safety. Though, there’s always the chance of running into another team on the other side. Use caution.

The subway is by in large the fastest method of travel. Of course, navigation isn’t as free as a helicopter or truck. However, if you have finished scavenging Stadium, for instance, you can take a quick trip to Downtown or Lozoff Pass.

With these tips, you’ll be hopping around Verdansk with ease in no time. Season 6 may not have had the major map changes we saw introduced in Season 5. However, the subway system adds a new layer of strategy to Call of Duty: Warzone.

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