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Is Night mode in Warzone really a good idea?

We want to see “The Night Mode cometh”

Call of Duty: Warzone has scooped up the love and affection of the battle royale community since its release in mid-March 2020. There haven’t been too many drastic map changes, with the exception of including a train and opening up stadium. Game mode variants have been their go-to for adding new content. If Warzone night mode were added, it would add a whole new element to the game without altering the map. It’s not like they could possibly eat up more of our hard drive space anyways…

There has been speculation for a while that a Warzone night mode would appear, but it hasn’t shown its face yet. Now that the game is looking to transition to the new Call of Duty installment, it might be the time to bring night mode in. This would give an increased emphasis on infrequently used attachments and weapons in Warzone.

call of duty warzone night mode
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Clean House

Casual players are cautious and fearful for the most part. In most situations, they resort to camping for easy results. Flip off the lights in Verdansk, chances are the camping numbers go up. That’s fine. Darkness is scary. If a player decides to camp indoors, shotguns might be the go-to weapon. Shotguns aren’t typically a meta weapon, but those numbers could easily spike in a mode like this.

Attachments like thermal scopes might be more common as well, giving players an edge in locking on their enemies. Night-vision goggles should also make an appearance, as they tactically make sense in a night mode setting. And, the lasers that players place as essential could get a lot more visible. Might as well play some EDM music in Superstore and start a rave with all those lights.

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As far as the environment, night mode doesn’t imply that everything will be covered in darkness. Verdansk is a city with streetlights, an airport, houses, and a stadium. There are plenty of ways to sensibly illuminate the city. Stairwells could be fun if they were lit with one of those emergency lights with a red hue, making the game look more like the tunnels in The Last of Us 2. All these indoor lighting changes could make everything more tactical about which doors you enter, because it’ll make it way more obvious to other players to track down where other people have been. Even seeing silhouettes in doorways could make for easy pickings.

Night mode in Warzone wouldn’t be alien technology to Infinity Ward. In theory, it shouldn’t be overly difficult to add lighting changes to the already created map of Verdansk. Cheshire Park in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare standard multiplayer does a great job handling the nighttime lighting. Here’s to hoping Warzone goes out with some great changes for the community as this iteration of the game seems to be wrapping up!

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