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Call of Duty: Warzone night mode loadout tips for Trick-Or-Trios

The moon has risen in Call of Duty: Warzone as Trick-Or-Trios has been introduced as a proper night mode. As part of The Haunting of Versansk event, players now have the opportunity to try to battle and survive in the dark.

While Modern Warfare’s multiplayer component offered night modes on popular maps, this is the first time the sun has set on the wide-open Verdansk map. For six seasons, players have become comfortable with tuning up their loadouts to be used effectively with the sun beaming down. Now, as shadows and darkness engulf Verdansk, many players have now begun to retool their loadouts accordingly.

Seeing as though the Warzone Trick-Or-Trios mode may only be around for a couple of weeks, we’ve put together a guide with tips on tweaking your loadout.

Thermals are your new best friend

They said it couldn’t be done, but Warzone has found a way to pull thermal sights back into the meta. After roughly a week or two after launch, the wide majority of players gave up on using thermals for sights that were more practical.

In Trick-Or-Trios, enemies are considerably harder to spot. To help locate players cooped on a high vantage point or in the forests, thermals have been brought back into the fold. Throwing a thermal scope on a mid-long range weapon will help you excel in this limited-time mode.

Now, whether a team is crossing an open field or crouched behind a car, you’ll be able to spot them much more easily as they illuminate your thermal scope.

Be a cold-blooded soldier

To counter the aforementioned thermal scopes, some players have started utilizing the Cold Blooded perk. Unfortunately, using Cold Blooded will mean swapping out your current blue perk.

Cold Blooded has always been considered a mid-tier perk. Back when C4 was extremely overpowered, players would forgo Cold Blooded for E.O.D to reduce the damage of an explosion. With C4 now being less meta, you may have already swapped it out for Cold Blooded. This perk will not only hide you from enemy thermal sights, but will also help prevent triggering High Alert from enemies who may have the perk equipped.

While the darkness will do a decent enough job of hiding you, there’s nothing wrong with adding that little extra layer of protection to stay incognito.

Beware the glint

Players who often find themselves on the receiving end of a sniper rifle are likely well aware of the glint many optics give off. Equipping a sight with 4.0x or more zoom will give off a glint to observing players. Snipers are typically the recipients of those optic, however they may also be attached to DMRs, assault rifles, and other weapons.

Optics glint could give away your positioning fairly easily in a regular match of Warzone. And in a Trick-or-Trios match, your glint shines like a bright star in the night sky. There’s no getting around it that if you use a high-zoom optic you’ll likely be seen by other players. If this is a concern of yours, you may want to opt for a 3.0x zoom optic such as the VLK if you want to be a bit more of a covert sniper.

Alternatively, you can continue to perch upon a rooftop, picking off any player caught in your sights. Just be aware that another player could easily be squaring you up on their sights at that same moment.

Tone down the skins and tracers

You probably want to stay shrouded for as long as possible when playing Trick-Or-Trios. That may come at a cost of your most vibrant operative skins. It’s much easier to spot players running the brighter skins.

In regular Warzone, it’s easier to blend into the map and environment – that doesn’t carry over very well in the night mode of Trick-Or-Trios. Similarly, tracer bullets are easier to spot in the dark as well. You could always remove tracers and swap operative for the duration of The Haunting of Verdansk mode. Otherwise, you could find yourself sticking out like a sore thumb.

The Haunting of Verdansk event runs until Nov. 3. The Trick-Or-Trios night mode is fully integrated into Warzone. You have quite a bit of time to test our guide and experiment with your loadout, and see what works best for your playstyle.

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