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Modern Warfare 2 Remastered gets secretive release

Seems like they're taking this Ghost thing a little too seriously

Up until yesterday we’d only heard rumours and caught snippets of Modern Warfare 2 remastered. After leaks and datamines recently seemed to uncover the launch date, we finally have confirmation of when the game is dropping. And that’s today, apparently.

It seems the German Playstation Store had leaked the game only one day early, but following that and the load of other data out there, this really wasn’t much of a spoiler.

Having the remaster drop without much promotion is a bit of an interesting move. A few games have seen success in the past with a secretive and sudden release. Apex Legends is one of the most notable examples, and Warzone actually dropped in a similar way. 

It looks like the remaster will only feature the campaign for now. The listing actually says specifically: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered, which definitely isn’t a mouthful at all. But that doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility of a multiplayer release in the future. 

Three Call of Duty titles at once is a bit much

With the Modern Warfare reboot as well as the launch of Warzone it would be confusing for players to have three completely different multiplayer experiences to choose from. It would be nice to see a multiplayer option or even Spec Ops make a return in the future – though with the success of the current CoD games, it may take a while. It’s possible Activision could release the remastered multiplayer as a buffer until the next big Call of Duty title drops. That being said, they’re adding some of the MW2 maps to Modern Warfare – so it’s a little up in the air.

Modern Warfare Remastered had a multiplayer mode on release – and it seemed to be pretty good. It kept most of what made the original good. The gunplay was smooth and gameplay was quick – and it still added some new features alongside the graphical update.

It was released in an interesting way initially. Rather than being available for stand-alone purchase, players ended up having to buy it as part of a bundle with Infinite Warfare. It seems MW2: Remastered will face a standalone release – but it hasn’t been marketed as such. The promotional images make it seem like a sort of reverse DLC. It looks like players will receive the remaster in return for purchasing  a Modern Warfare/Warzone content pack.

An iconic campaign updated for the new decade

Modern Warfare 2 is thought to have one of, if not the best Call of Duty campaigns in the franchise. Reliving that experience with a new level of immersion can only be a positive for the game. The campaign seems to be largely unchanged – aside from bringing it forward a decade. No Russian – the infamous mission in which you partake in an airport massacre – makes a return. It’s no secret that this mission was controversial, as the original release actually had the option to let you skip it. I’m actually wondering if it’ll stir up the same outrage a second time. Given the state of things and the decade that’s passed since the original, news outlets may not realize they’ve covered this before.

Sensitive content warning – seriously!

Modern Warfare 2 Remastered "NO RUSSIAN" Gameplay Walkthrough (MW2 Remastered No Russian Campaign)

It’ll be interesting to see if they make any changes or additions to the campaign. Maybe they could add in any cut missions or content. Or they could add little hidden details like the Morgana plush from Persona 5 in Catherine: Full Body.  In any case – with the game dropping today I’m excited to relive the iconic campaign.

The Modern Warfare series is what got me into CoD – and hopefully we can expect a MW3 remaster in the future.

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