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Modern Warfare battle pass blueprints to snag before Season 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle pass blueprints are great for changing up the look of a weapon or using attachments that you haven’t unlocked yet. With the first season of Modern Warfare extended to Feb. 11, now’s the time to hunker down and try to unlock all the battle pass has to offer. Here are five of the best Modern Warfare battle pass blueprints that you can unlock before Season Two.

Sand Snake – Tier 20 (Paid)

Sand Snake Modern Warfare Battle Pass Blueprint

Submachine Gun Charlie – MP5

Muzzle –  Compensator

Optic – Integral Hybrid

Stock –  FTAC Collapsible

Underbarrel – Operator Foregrip

Ammunition – 10mm Auto 30-Round Mags

The Sand Snake is the first legendary weapon blueprint you can unlock from the paid battle pass. It’s a great blueprint to start with if you’re looking to grind up your MP5 levels. The tan paint job is slick and unique, while the five attachments included will help you cobble together a powerful MP5 loadout even at lower weapon levels.

The 10mm mags are the most important attachment out of this whole blueprint. The higher caliber rounds jump your damage and range up with the small penalty of reduced fire rate and increased ADS recoil. This gives you the stopping power and range to shred through your opponents with ease. The Operator Foregrip and Compensator are useful for controlling that extra recoil the 10mm rounds add. Meanwhile, the collapsible stock helps bump up your movement speed and ADS time while also lowering your aiming stability and control. The integral hybrid isn’t the best sight to use for run and gun, so swap it out for a different sight or attachment of your choice.

Overall, the Sand Snake is a Modern Warfare battle pass blueprint that’s useful for grinding up to get the finer attachments the MP5 has to offer. The attachments (minus the integral hybrid) make this gun a powerful setup for players looking to try out one of the best guns in Modern Warfare.

The Traitor – Tier 45 (Paid)

The Traitor Modern Warfare Battle Pass Blueprint

Assault Rifle Golf – FN Scar 17

Barrel – FORGE TAC 20.0″ LB

Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape

Perk – Frangible Wounding

The Traitor is a modified variant of the FN Scar 17 that is unlocked as a Modern Warfare battle pass blueprint at Tier 45. While it may look a bit brutish, the gun is a laser beam that’s deadly at mid to long range with some tweaks.

The modified FORGE TAC barrel helps with damage range and recoil control at the cost of movement and ADS speed. The Stippled Tape is a must have for keeping the slower ADS times of the Scar boosted. Attachments such as the Monolithic Suppressor will hurt ADS time, but will add extra range. The XRK Obelisk Pro stock gives some extra stability while sacrificing some movement speed. The Frangible Wounding perk can easily be dropped to give way for a better attachment.

The Traitor can be tweaked into a strong gun that’s can pick off targets with ease. For a side of ridiculous, check out another ugly yet effective Traitor setup we built.

Long Arm – Tier 55 (Free)

Long Arm Modern Warfare Battle Pass Blueprint

Marksman Rifle Charlie – Kar98k

Barrel – Singuard Custom 21.2″

Optic – 4.0x Flip Hybrid

Stock – Hollow Stock Mod

Rear Grip – Rubberized Grip Tape

The Long Arm is hands down one of the best looking guns in the entire battle pass. The blue and white wave patterns give this old rifle a new coat of paint. The attachments on it pull this blast from the past into the era Modern Warfare in a big way.

The 4.0x Flip Hybrid sight is a great balance between the long and short range scope options that the Kar98k has to offer. While I prefer the sniper scope, the hybrid sight is a good balance for most maps. The heavier 21.2″ barrel helps with damage range at the cost of some ADS speed. I would suggest swapping out the hollow stock and rubberized grip tape as there are other attachments that help this gun shine. Stippled Grip Tape is a must for faster ADS and Sleight of Hand or a Monolithic Suppressor can prove useful.

Similar to the Sand Snake, the Long Arm is a great gun for leveling up the Kar98k while looking good doing it.

Gilded – Tier 85 (Paid)

Gilded Modern Warfare Battle Pass Blueprint

Light Machine Gun Echo – Holger-26

Laser – 5mW Laser

Underbarrel – Merc Foregrip

Ammunition – 30 Round Mags

Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape

Perk – Fully Loaded

Gilded is the most boujee looking gun to come out of the battle pass. With gold and white trim on top of a designer fashion style camo, Gilded transforms the Holger-26 into an assault rifle with the punch of an LMG to boot.

The 30 round mags on this blueprint allow the Holger to shine with faster reload speeds for the LMG. The Stippled Grip Tape combats the slow ADS speeds expected from an LMG, while the 5mW Laser helps with sprint-to-fire speed and hip fire accuracy. The Merch Foregrip helps with hip fire and keeps the recoil of the LMG turned AR to a minimum. Fully Loaded is a fantastic perk to have if you choose not to run Scavenger, as you’ll be running through ammo fast with the Gilded LMG.

Overall, Gilded is one of the best Modern Warfare battle pass blueprints to run as-is. The 5mW can be replaced with a better stock or sight attachment if you find yourself getting exposed by the green dot. If you’re looking to grind LMG kills for challenges or camo, trust the Gilded to get the job done.

Corrupter – Tier 99 (Paid)

Corrupter Modern Warfare Battle Pass Blueprint

Assault Rifle India – RAM-7

Barrel – FORGE TAC Eclipse

Laser – Tac Laser

Optic – Corp Combat Holo Sight

Stock – XRK Close Quarters Stock

Perk – Sleight of Hand

The RAM-7 became a quick favorite for players when it was released with the battle pass. The TAR-21 lookalike fills a great balance between an assault rifle and an SMG. The clean white finish and red accents make this gun both a beauty to behold, and to blast with.

The Eclipse barrel is going to give you the extra bit of range needed to help win battles against the strong ranged rifles. Meanwhile, the XRK stock gives you a much needed boost to ADS speed, as does the Tac Laser. Sleight of Hand is a useful perk to equip to help reload faster in close range gun fights. The RAM burns through ammo, so having Sleight of Hand to keep your gun topped up is useful. The holo sight is great for better ADS options if you’re not a fan of the iron sights.

At Tier 99, it’s not easy task to unlock the Corrupter. But if you’re really a fan of that sleek white camo, it’s definitely worth it. Plus it gives access to some good starting attachments if you’ve managed to hit Tier 99 without touching the RAM-7.

More Modern Warfare battle pass blueprints dropping soon

With Season One ending soon and Season Two of Modern Warfare on the way, expect bigger and better blueprints coming from Infinity Ward soon. Keep your eyes on SQUAD as we bring you more content as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare grows as a game.

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