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The Call of Duty: Warzone 200-player mode will be chaotic in the best way possible

Call of Duty: Warzone is introducing a 200-player mode.  You read that right. Activision and Infinity Ward recently announced that the new ‘Season Four Reloaded’ will see ’s Verdansk map becoming a bit more crowded this week.

The limited-time mode will likely usher in a new era of chaos for Warzone’s Quads lobbies. Pitting 50 teams of four against each other across the scattered regions in Verdansk, players will have to be on their toes. Activision itself boasts that the new mode will “ fundamentally change the battle in Verdansk.”

Warzone 200-players

While the Season 4 update promises to introduce a new weapon, operator, and more, the prospect of having 200 players wreak havoc across the map is quite exciting. Warzone, to some, has found itself in a rut recently. By continuously swapping out game modes, the battle royale has left some players wanting more.

By upping the total player cap to 200-players, many of the largest POIs of Verdansk are likely to see increased foot traffic. One can imagine TV Station, which is already a common hotspot, will see more teams diving in to snag the location’s various loot and resources. Downtown, which has a plethora of rooftops ripe for snipers, may become more occupied. Combined with how much bloodshed these locations regularly see, this new mode will challenge players to be more aggressive.

The one big advantage the increased player cap may have on Warzone is that it may bring more combat to the quieter spaces on the map. Unless your team ventures into the various hot spots, you’ll commonly find copious amounts of downtime between circles. The vast, open stretches of land in between Military Base and Airport, for instance, can be less active. Driving teams to seek loot to these smaller locals, many unexpected encounters could be had.

Warzone 200-players

At the top of Season 4, Warzone introduced the new “in-game” event, Jailbreak. This event respawns teams and players who have been wiped out, or otherwise failed to come back from the Gulag. Incorporating Jailbreak in with the increased player cap during the latter half of a match spells trouble for even the most organized of teams.

My only concern with the new mode is how Infinity Ward will balance loot spawns. More players means more greedy paws claiming all the loot in an area. I hope Infinity Ward addresses this by either adding more loot spawns or loot chests in any given location. Perhaps the recently-added Fire Sale and Supply Choppers events will help with that.

Nonetheless,  the new 200-player Warzone  mode will up the ante when it comes to crossfire, explosions, and everything in between. This new update could very well be what many players are looking for to reinvigorate the battle royale title. 50 additional players may not seem like a lot on paper when it comes to Warzone, but once the red blips start appearing on your mini-map, the adrenaline will likely kick in.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 4 Reloaded update will be available on June 29 at 11 PDT – that’s June 30 2 EDT.

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