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The Call of Duty: Warzone Realism mode is a player’s nightmare

Quit your crying, standard BR Quads will be back soon.

Let’s talk about Realism mode, the new addition to Call of Duty: Warzone which has temporarily replaced the game’s standard BR Quads queue. It sounds like Infinity Ward took the same product and gave it a name change, and in all honesty that’s what they did. That is, until you realize the qualities taken away now make Warzone feel more like PUBG.

Here’s what you need to know about this new temporary game mode: the Warzone  Realism mode removes the HUD and radar. It’s a super simple change. Seriously, it’s the only gimmick.

Take a pause and think about removing the radar, and what that does to your situational awareness. Without it, you have next to no idea where the gunshots off in the distance are coming from. You can’t ping the red dot on the map for your teammates, so there’s no gauge to where enemies might be approaching from next. This alone can leave any player on high alert. If you’re so fortunate to buy or find a UAV, consider it as opening your eyes to how chaotic the surroundings are.

What about the HUD? Heads-up display is a player’s encyclopedia of their current status shown on the screen. How much health is left? How many plates of armor are in my inventory? Is my gun single shot or fully automatic? The list goes on and on. These steps taken by Infinity Ward to make a player’s life easier have now been stripped, and it’s up to the player to remember everything.

Call of Duty Warzone Final Circle

Test your knowledge! When a player finds a weapon, it’ll display its name and nothing else. There’s zero indication of its rarity tier – grey, green, blue, purple, orange, or red – and players must rely on experience to figure out which guns are best for them. Ammo can only be shown if navigated to the drop menu, and dollar amounts are no longer shown beside player names. The health bar is also gone, and armor will only display how many are in use.

Since the hit marker is gone, players have to rely on audio queues. Sounds associated with bullets hitting a player are still there, but once again, personal experience will dictate how well you think you’re doing. Was there that “crunch” sound telling you that your broke their armor?

Finally, the “Eliminated” indicator is also gone. There’s so much info taken away, that you can finally realize how valuable it was to have it all on screen.

call of duty realism mode hud


With the absence of all these visual helpers, communication becomes key. Call outs have to be specific, and the compass is your best friend. Using the compass at the top of the screen seems to be an effective way to call out enemies. Pings are also still enabled.

The Warzone Realism mode relies on more team play than individual effort, so the best teams are usually those who communicate well. The mode seems to reward patient players who try to secure an environmental advantage like a rooftop or a building that can be easily defended. It’s hard to hunt what you can’t see, so play it tactical and camp a rooftop.

We have some more tips for playing the Warzone Realism mode:

  • Recon drones are actually good! Make sure a teammate has one to ping enemies in the area with its thermal camera.
  • Learn how to use a sniper. The headshot damage is boosted, and the red dot won’t pop up on the minimap. If you click the head, they will drop.
  • In a team of four, make sure one teammate has Spotter and another has Tracker as a perk. This can apply to standard game modes, but equipment like claymores and proximity mines is relied on more as alarms, so disarming them can give you the jump on campers. Tracker shows footprints, which is way better than nothing now that the radar is gone.
  • Buy a UAV when you can. More players are risking not using Ghost, so a UAV will light up the radar like a Christmas Tree.
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