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The Call of Duty: Warzone Rumble mode is kind of a flop

While an attempt was made, the execution missed the mark. Call of Duty: Warzone’s new limited time game mode, Warzone Rumble, features two giant 50-players teams parachuting on opposite sides of the map, and then slugging it out in a giant Team Deathmatch.

Set in Verdansk, this 50 v 50 Team Deathmatch mode should be a hit – it’s basically full blown war, right? Except it accidentally limited players’ options to either camping or sniping. All in all, Warzone Rumble is for those who enjoy parachuting into a constant spray of bullets, or for players who prefer to pass time watching tiny people run across a lens. It kind of feels like this should’ve been named “Sniper Royale” or “Parachute Simulator” instead.

This criticism aside, Warzone Rumble offers a unique opportunity to Warzone exclusive (free-to-play) players to level-up and upgrade weapons for personal customized loadouts. It also contributes to your standard Call of Duty multiplayer Kill:Death Ratio. While it’s frustrating to parachute into “Sniper Royale”, there’s satisfaction in knowing that players can grind their way to stronger weapon unlocks without spending money on the full Call of Duty experience.

With that said, how willing are you to Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge bullets just to unlock the Grau?

Call of Duty Warzone Rumble

How to improve Warzone Rumble

This game mode isn’t in the best shape, but it’s not beyond saving either, and I am up to the task. Here are some ways to improve Warzone Rumble.

  • The Rumble game mode is too tight to fit 100 players. The boundaries should be extended, giving more space for players to maneuver. It’s not like Warzone is short on map space, either.
  • Bumping up the health pool would help. There’s no such thing as “get good” when one player is a target for 50 others in a tiny circle.
  • Bonus weapon experience should be given for players to use certain curated gun loadouts. Counter Strike: Global Offensive prompts players in their Casual Team Deathmatch to boost their score by getting kills with a particular weapon. These loadouts would only be available for a minute, and would help players earn attachments for weapons they wouldn’t normally use.
  • The score limit should be doubled, given the sheer volume of players. Games should not average out around the five-minute mark, limiting most players to only killing five players a game.
  • Personal squad limits need to be increased. The current squad cap is 4, and Call of Duty: Warzone is a free cross platform game. This could be a way to unite and rally console and PC gamers to develop a destination for gaming.
  • Knives only. This suggestion isn’t entirely serious, but it would be hilarious to watch 100 people run around aimlessly trying to melee each-other.

Infinity Ward should be commended for taking a risk with Warzone Rumble. It isn’t perfect, but there’s potential for this flop, and turning it into the gargantuan bloodbath that the community deserves.

Infinity Ward should continue to bring game mode variations regardless of whether they’re hits or misses. They add new things to the battle royale genre, which has no shortage of recycled stale products. Maybe with some adjustments, Warzone Rumble will be a mainstay on the roster of game modes on a more permanent basis.

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