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Top 9 Verdansk loot spots in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5

Less Call of Duty, more Loot Simulator

The age-old question in every battle royale game: “OK. Where are we dropping?” It’s a super loaded question, and unless you’re playing solos, it can be a stressful quick discussion among your team. There’s strategy behind the decision, too. What route is the plane taking? How many people are left the plane? Are we hot-dropping? Some people are more preoccupied with lasting far into the game, so sometimes players need to think about where the loot’s at in Verdansk. If you’re twiddling your thumbs thinking about where to go, we got you – here are the best Warzone loot spots in Verdansk.

call of duty warzone best loot spots

Hot dropping for high tier loot

1. Train

The train is a new addition to Call of Duty: Warzone in Season 5. This chaotic locomotive is guaranteed to have a few super rare orange loot crates sitting around as cargo for players to nab. But beware, a few squads are almost guaranteed to hot drop onto the train. You’ll have to either pistol down some players quick after landing, or scramble as fast as you can to find a crate and legendary gun. Ammo’s also super scarce, aside from the cache on one of the train cars, so make every shot count.

When you’re done with train, ride it to your next landmark depending on where the circle closes.

2. Stadium

Stadium’s more of a treasure hunt than an actual scramble. Host to four secret rooms, a helicopter, and a couple of miniguns, Stadium can be a spicy place to hot drop for most players.

Opening statement aside, the initial plane drop typically has a few teams looking to kit themselves out fairly quick. Dwelling in Stadium can be sweaty, with its long corridors, open roof, and wide-open soccer (football) field. If you get the most out of this location, it’s easily one of, if not the top, Warzone loot spots in the game.

warzone stadium shadow company

3. Superstore

Superstore is a masochist’s dream. It’s a big box store with enough weapons, armor, ammo, and players-slash-teams to take on. If you’re skilled enough to be the King or Queen of the Hill at Superstore, you’re likely going to the buy station with a cool 20K in cash and dropping a loadout in the first 5 minutes of the game. As far as a Warzone loot spots go, this is one of the higher risk, higher reward places to go to.

Mix of contracts and tons of loot

4. Downtown

Players feel like vermin scurrying around Downtown Verdansk. Zipping around alleys, rooftops, storefronts, and banks. Downtown has plenty of everything for everyone. Need guns, go to Downtown. Buy stations? Downtown. Bounties, Scavengers, Recons, Most Wanted contracts? Definitely Downtown.

Just make sure to keep an eye out everywhere, because it’s super easy for the rooftop campers to pick off prey if they’re a half-decent shot. It’s also tougher to get more central in Verdansk than Downtown.

5. Hospital

You can argue that Hospital is big enough to have a few squads wandering around without bumping into each other. There are a few houses, warehouses, and Hospital wings to roam around to kit you and your squad up. There are usually around half a dozen contracts available in Hospital, so it’s one of the better starting Warzone loot spots to tackle.

Once you get settled with the weapons of your choice, run up to the roof and stake your claim of this central key landmark in Verdansk.

6. Train Station

Along with the train, Warzone finally opened Train Station for players to rummage through. It was already a fairly decent place to loot, but now it’s among the upper tier of landmarks to run over to. It is multi-leveled as far as being able to go on the tracks, outdoors, rooftop, and vast interior. There are also some solid buildings adjacent to Train Station: just run over to one of those buildings if it gets too sweaty for you.

Train Station is also amazing for having at least two buy stations, so it’s a pretty cool area to hunker down in.

warzone loot spots train station

7. Boneyard

Firstly, while still on the plane, don’t ask your friends if they want to “bone down”. There’s a time and place for that, and Call of Duty: Warzone isn’t it. This claustrophobic scrapyard is a mixed bag as far as being a hot drop because of the sheer chaos. There are plenty of goodies everywhere, including a bunch of contracts to scoop up. Boneyard is a favorite to grab a couple recons and then boogying over to where the circle plans on closing around. The helicopter makes everything a billion times faster.

If you decide to stroll through Boneyard, make sure to check your corners and try not to be too surprised when you bump into a few other random players. It’s a very wide open part of the map.

Great safe Warzone loot spots

8. Promenade West

Everyone goes to Promenade East. Grab your gear and loot your way over. It’s not an area where the buildings will give you a stellar tactical advantage, so it’s better to dine and dash. Hills is another decent area you can run off to from Promenade West, depending on if the circle closes around there.

9. Port

Port gets a bad rap for being a boring spot to drop. If you like to avoid the dampness of perspiration emanating from your body, go to Port! There’s plenty of cranes to climb onto, and not a lot of teams that like hanging out in this rather dull area. The only saving grace about Port is its proximity to either Downtown, Farmland, or the safe back roads to Prison.

call of duty warzone port verdansk

Spicy Verdansk loot spots to avoid

1. TV Station

It’s only good for its helicopter. Verdansk’s TV Station is one of the more overrated locations in the game. There’s usually only a few contracts, not a crazy amount of loot worth the chaos, and this is one of the hotter drops in the game. It’s also a coin flip if a buy station spawns close to TV Station.

2. Prison

Prison is on the edge of the map and lost its top tier tactical advantage when Infinity Ward added rappels into the courtyard. In earlier seasons, if you owned the top of Prison when the circle closed around it, you were almost guaranteed a win. Now, it’s just a giant death trap with not enough loot around for it to be worth holding long term.

On the flip side, there’s a bunker right underneath the bridge that you can open if you happen to have stumbled across a red access card.

3. Dam

Dam is like TV Station as far as grabbing a helicopter is concerned. There are not enough places to find guns, ammo, and armor. It’s also super confusing to navigate for the more casual Warzone players. Hard pass.

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