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Will Call of Duty: Warzone add usable tanks?

Lets get the obvious out of the way: yes, there are blown up tanks around Verdansk. Just because tanks are props doesn’t mean they’ll be coming to Warzone. But just because tanks are props doesn’t mean they WON’T be coming to Warzone. Hear me out, trains in Season Five are smuggling tanks into Verdansk and they might be for use in a future season. Even if it were for a failed game mode like Warzone Rumble, tanks in Warzone would be a hype addition to the game.

It’s no secret that armored vehicles are already included in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer games. The catch is that they’re only in use for the Ground War game mode in a 64-player lobby. These vehicles can be used to spawn teammates while simultaneously taking out the opposite team.

Infinity Ward could shake up the game by including some of these tanks in Warzone – not for the core game, but maybe for a giant match of Rumble that could host 200-250 players, duking it out in a large chunk of Verdansk. It would sure beat parachuting in, only to die in a minute like every Rumble game ever. Heavy armor would be cool and would add in a totally new element to the now-stale vehicles in Warzone.

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There’s no downside to another major addition with Warzone in Season Five. Call of Duty hasn’t been afraid to take risks with game modes. They often cycle through them to provide variety, and tinker with already proven game modes. Call of Duty even added some flavor by throwing in Juggernaut drops this season. Adding tanks in Warzone would break away from typical battle royale, but the groundwork is already laid out for bigger scale games. Even changing the IFV and IAV (tank) skins remains an option for Warzone players, so quit the teasing and add them in already.

Tanks aren’t an unreasonable request. It would be a cool way to go out with a bang for the Verdansk story line. Also, if Infinity Ward has the audacity to eat up over 200 GBs of storage, the least they can do is give us armored vehicles that blow stuff up. Seriously, this whole file size thing is an issue.

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