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Zombies coming to Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4?


Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 is soon coming to a close, with Season 4 expected to start on May 26. Infinity Ward unveiled in the last patch that there’s a nuclear warhead hidden in Bunker 11. This Easter egg may be hinting at future map altering events in the COD universe. Maybe Infinity Ward takes it further? Zombies, perhaps?

Hear me out: Infinity Ward hasn’t hinted at genetic experimentation, but it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility that a nuclear event could bring out and mutate the missing residents of Verdansk. This is a video game after all. Fallout 4 had built its franchise on a nuclear holocaust resulting in ghouls, super mutants, and angry mole rats (SPOOKY).

Traditionally a mode exclusive to Treyarch’s Call of Duty games, it would be amazing to see a variation of the co-operative multiplayer Zombies mode released in Warzone. Zombies are typically a horde mode, but it would be great if they were included as enemies that players have to worry about in Verdansk.

call of duty warzone zombies

The game could start with squads of five emerging from the eleven bunkers scattered across the map, surviving to be the last team standing. PUBG has custom servers dedicated to a PvP zombies mode that COD can draw inspiration from.

Picture somebody lurking around downtown, only to walk into the wrong skyscraper crawling with dozens of AI zombies. Warzone is already stressful enough fighting and dodging players, and then throw in flesh eating zombies into the mix. This world would drive constant action and require players to constantly scavenge for loot to make sure they’re not caught low on supplies when they need it most.

We can draw hope from how Infinity Ward has dabbled with zombies before in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Here’s to them hitting the Shiny Red Button to get this post-apocalyptic show on the road!

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