5 new characters we expect to see in Injustice 3

While there hasn’t been an official announcement for Injustice 3, there’s little doubt that the DC fighting game’s sequel is coming. While the roster is sure to include staples like Superman and Batman, there will undoubtedly be some faces joining that we haven’t seen in previous games. DC has a huge backlog of characters to pick from, after all.

However, the accompanying Injustice comics have been some of the darkest and bloodiest that DC has ever released, leaving a lot of characters dead. In this article we are going to go over some surviving characters we could see in Injustice 3. To be clear, these characters are selected because they play a role in the comics, and are still alive

Warning: there are some spoilers for the Injustice comics ahead!

Killer Croc

This humanoid crocodile has actually made an appearance in both Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2 as part of a stage transition. Killer Croc pops up in the Injustice comics a few times as a member of the Suicide Squad. He even marries fellow Suicide Squad member Orca.

Maybe Injustice 3 will finally give us this scaly villain as a playable character. If not him, perhaps we will get his hybrid orca-crocodile child.

Athanasia al Ghul

Athanasia sets herself apart by actually making her debut in the Injustice comics. She is the daughter of Talia and granddaughter of Ras al Ghul, both of which are now dead in the Injustice universe. Athanasia’s father is none other than the big bat himself. Her brother Damian Wayne was prominently featured in Injustice 2 as Robin.

However, while Damian was raised by Bruce Wayne, Athanasia was raised in the League of Assassins by Talia and Ras. If she does make it into the next game, it will be very interesting to see her interactions with Batman and Damian.

John Constantine

This British warlock has been a DC fan favorite for quite a while. He gained even more mainstream recognition after playing a pivotal role in the animated film Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

In the Injustice comics, John Constantine performs a major role when he and a bunch of other magic users attempt to undermine Superman’s regime. Unfortunately, most of the crew die, but Constantine is still among the living.

Some early concept art for Injustice 2 reveals that Constantine was at least considered for that game at one point. Hopefully the next chapter will have a place in the roster for this snarky, cynical Brit. 

Plastic Man

Don’t let Plastic Man’s relentless humor and unintimidating name fool you: he is a powerhouse of a hero. His elastic body allows him to mold himself into just about any shape imaginable. In the Injustice comics, Plastic Man is even able to shapeshift himself into The Flash in order to sneak into one of Superman’s prisons.

There is actually a Plastic Man easter egg in Injustice 2. In the Ace of Clubs stage there is a jukebox on the far left side that has a distinctly Plastic Man look. With his ability to morph into anything, it’s possible this jukebox is actually Plastic Man himself.

Could this jukebox be the Plastic Man himself?

Given how often he pops up in the comics, I wouldn’t be surprised to find Plastic Man in the next Injustice game.


This world-conquering demon is one of the most powerful beings in all of DC’s catalog. Trigon has wanted to enslave Earth for quite some time now. In the Injustice timeline, Trigon’s daughter, Raven, left the Teen Titans and gave into her demonic side soon after Superman started his regime. Though she worked with Superman, it’s revealed she is only doing so to pave the way for Trigon to come to Earth.

Trigon appears in the comics where he searches for Raven, who evidently has gone MIA after the events of Injustice: Gods Among Us. With the ending of Injustice 2 implying Superman has again risen to power, the sequel could be the perfect time for the demon to begin his conquest of Earth.

Hopefully we will receive some concret news on Injustice 3 before the year ends. Until then, which characters do you hope to see in the upcoming fighting game? Let us know in the comments.

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