All alternate suits in the Marvel’s Avengers beta

The Marvel’s Avengers beta is finally here. Along with plenty of things to do and activities to play, Crystal Dynamic has also given beta players plenty of in-game cosmetics. Here are all the alternate suits in the Marvel’s Avengers beta, as curated by SQUAD’s own comic book aficionado Eren “Caboose” Kose.

Iron Man

Iconic – This is Iron Man’s base design in Marvel’s Avengers.

Chroma Lux – A color swap of the Bleeding Edge armor set. It is comprised of a black, blue and bronze color palette.

Illustrious – This looks to be Crystal Dynamic’s take on the classic Iron Man suit.

suits Marvel's Avengers beta
Illustrious Suit

Original Sin – Black and gold with red lights. Looks most similar to the Model 42 armor.

Apogee – Vibrant blue and gold palette. Based on the shape of the Arc Reactor, it may possibly be a palette swap of the Model Prime armor, which was on our Top 5 wishlist.

Makeshift – Super simple and doesn’t fit the traditional stereotype of an Iron Man Suit.

suits Marvel's Avengers beta
Makeshift Iron Man

Anodized – This may be Crystal Dynamic’s take on the Stealth Suit. It is a color swap of the Iconic Suit.

Electroplated – Another color swap of the Iconic Suit.

Ion-Charged – An orange and silver color swap of the Iconic Suit.

Epiphany – A vibrant gold and red suit, possibly based off of the Mark 2 suit.

Intergalactic – Is a bit more of a bulky suit and has a red to yellow color fade.

suits Marvel's Avengers beta
Intergalactic Suit

Eternal – Another darkened palette of the classic Iron Man suit.


Broken – The main suit you get during the beta. It is Hulk with a beard.

Iconic – Base design for Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers.

Joe Fixit – Hulk sports a pinstriped suit and fedora in this alternate suit. Based off of the original comic concepts from Stan Lee, which originally had Hulk colored gray.

suits Marvel's Avengers beta
Joe Fixit Hulk

Berserk – This alternate suit is fairly simple, but adds a more ripped up shirt that spans Hulk’s entire chest, not just his arms like in the Broken suit.

Big Green – The classic look for Hulk. Boasts the classic vibrant green skin and purple pants.

suits Marvel's Avengers beta
Big Green Hulk

Monster Inside – Muted recolor of Big Green.

Turbulent – Gray recolor of Big Green.

Splintered – Color swap of the Broken alternate skin.

Possessed – Darkened palette of the Broken skin with the addition of white skull and bones paint.

Palm Springs – Alternate look for the Joe Fixit skin. Adds a tank top and chains.

suits Marvel's Avengers beta
Palm Springs Hulk

Cabana Hulk – Color and design swap of the Palm Springs alternate skin.

Black Widow

Tactical – Base suit for Black Widow in the beta of Marvel’s Avengers.

Fear Itself – The classic Black Widow look with the addition of white hair and a white design on the suit.

Codename: Tsarina – Gives Black Widow blonde hair and a cream-colored jacket.

suits Marvel's Avengers beta
Codename: Tsarina Black Widow

Security – Adds a S.H.I.E.L.D. Security outfit

Sunset – A color swap of Tactical, with a wine red shirt and blonde hair.

Twilight – Another color swap of Tactical, but with a blue shirt

Iconic – The base design of Black Widow in the Marvel’s Avengers beta.

Deadly – A lighter version of the Iconic suit.

Lethal – Adds red to the Iconic suit.

Fatal – Another color swap of Iconic. Has more of a blueish tint to it.

Blood Moon – A red and black suit with black hair.

Agent – Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D styled suit.

Dustwalker – More of civilian style outfit. Has the Black Widow insignia on the belt.

suits Marvel's Avengers beta
Dustwalker Black Widow

Ms. Marvel

Superfan – Civilian outfit. Has the iconic Captain Marvel shirt.

Jersey Girl – May be inspired from the Ms. Marvel comics. A variation of the Superfan suit.

Trending – Ms. Marvel’s super hero suit.

suits Marvel's Avengers beta
Trending Ms. Marvel

Super Famous – A black and red recolor of the Trending Suit.

Double-Stitched – A color swap of the Prototype suit.

Embroidered – A progression suit of Kamala making her Ms. Marvel suit. The Captain Marvel insignia has not been completely embroidered onto the suit.

Iconic – This is Crystal Dynamic’s take on Ms. Marvel’s comic super suit.

Teenage Hero – Color swap of the Iconic suit. Switches to a magenta and a lighter blue.

Iron Man Fan – Color swap of the Superfan outfit but with the addition of an Iron Man shirt. Has a red and yellow color palette.

Widow Fan – Similar to the Iron Man Fan suit but with Black Widow’s insignia. Has a black and red color scheme.

Avalanche – Adds a ushanka hat and a Lockjaw t-shirt. Lockjaw is the loyal pet of the Inhumans, another superhero team in Marvel Comics.

Advanced Suit – Very similar to her Iconic suit, but with more detail and vibrant colors. Stays true to the blue and red with the yellow

Throggy – Adds a frog hat and a Thor shirt. May be a reference to the comic in which Thor turns into a frog.

suits Marvel's Avengers beta
Throggy Ms. Marvel

There you have it, all the suits in the Marvel’s Avengers beta! Make sure to check out Caboose’s channel for more Marvel’s Avengers news and updates.

And stick around with SQUAD for more gaming news and content!

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