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It’s (almost) official! New Nintendo Switch on its way in 2020

Greetings, Programs! The rumor mill has been swirling for months about a new version of the Nintendo Switch coming in 2020. Now we have our most solid lead yet, courtesy of Digitimes:

Nintendo is reportedly planning to release in mid-2020 a new model of Switch, which will begin volume production at the end of first-quarter 2020, according to sources from the related upstream supply chain.

It always helps to keep an eye on the people who make the hardware. Why? Because it’s hard to hide the frenzy of activity necessary for a new system like the Nintendo Switch (Pro? We don’t know yet).

Nintendo Switch on the move

After the disappointing sales of the Wii U, the Switch roared onto the scene and immediately overtook the Xbox One as the number 2 console on the market with over 49 million units sold in just over three years. By way of depressing comparison, the Wii U only managed to sell about 14 million units before it died a sad and lonely death.

There are some opinions that the new, presumably more powerful, Nintendo Switch will be a major headache for both Playstation and Xbox. After all, who wants to plunk down $500 (or more) for a PS5 or the Xbox Series X when you can get a Nintendo Switch that’s (allegedly) going to sport 4K graphics and cost less money?

Whether or not any of this is true remains to be seen. It’s almost certain that there will be a new version of the Switch in 2020. The price point and its capabilities, however, are a complete mystery for the moment.

Whatever the reality turns out to be, 2020 is shaping up to be a monumental clash of the industry titans. With all three major companies setting fire to the gaming world at the same time, all we can do is sit back and enjoy the show.

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