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Our totally unbiased PlayStation State of Play highlights

The Holidays are going to be busy

Welcome! We’re back with our totally unbiased highlights – this time for PlayStation’s August 2020 State of Play!

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

Starting off we have the newest entry into the Crash Bandicoot franchise! The game is a direct sequel to Crash Bandicoot: Warpedwhich came out over 20 years ago. It continues the storyline with Dr.’s Cortex and N. Tropy escaping their spicy space prison to take over pretty much everything.

We start off on the iconic N. Sanity and if you’ve played Crash Bandicoot, you pretty much know the deal from here. Aside from paying homage to its roots, It’s About Time is all about the new. Players will get to explore new areas in new ways – like wallrunning and rail grinding. Maybe the most notable is the new powers we get with the new Quantum Masks. Do you get it yet? There’s a lot of new stuff.

You’ll also play through the game as multiple characters, like Dr. Cortex and even Dingodile. Dingodile! 

Crash Bandicoot™ 4: It’s About Time Announcement Trailer

Last but not least, players can look forward to spending their time in the N. Verted mode. On top of being inverted, each level will have a new art style. My favorite one is the paint-spinning one – it just reminds me of Disney’s Epic Mickey

I should also mention that we really are approaching the next generation of gaming because Crash Bandicoot added skins. No microtransactions though. *phew*. 

Crash Bandicoot 4 releases on Oct. 4 – which is very fitting. They could delay it to April 4 if they wanted, but whatever.

Hitman III: Hit Harder 

That’s not the actual title of course – but there is a third Hitman game coming at the beginning of the new year. Well, actually it’s more like the twelfth game or something. We all know by now that the franchise can be a little confusing, let’s just leave it at that. 

Hitman of course looks great and will surely include tons of great setups and takedowns as always. The main feature shown off though, is that it will have PSVR compatibility. That’s not all though – the entire World of Assassination trilogy will be available for VR play! Now you can commit first degree murder and feel like you’re really doing it! You’ll also be put on a few watchlists, just letting you know now. 

Players can get to murderin’  as soon as January 2021.

HITMAN 3 - Announcement Trailer

The Pathless

Archery, puzzles, speed and Shadow of the Colossus all come together for The Pathless. In this game you shoot talismans to go ultra fast – simple enough, right? Throughout the game you’ll be faced with terrain and puzzles that can be solved with a combination of your wits and your trusty eagle – an eagle which will aid you during exploration, and can in turn be taken care of through upgrades. Your eagle sadly can get lost at times. This is due to the *little* issue of darkness and cursed spirits threatening to murderize you. 

This is where the SotC themes come in. It’s you vs a giant shadowy murder beast as you light the obelisks to get them vulnerable. The battles look fast paced and intense, as the gameplay trailer shows you dashing after the beast, looking for an opportunity to take it down once and for all. The gameplay is smooth and the artstyle is simplistic yet beautiful.

Players can expect The Pathless this holiday season – which you’ll see is a bit of a theme here.

The Pathless - Gameplay Walkthrough | PS5


The game with the cute food creatures and farming that everyone is raving about got a gameplay trailer! Bugsnax is the newest in a trend of cutesy farming games with cuter creatures and eclectic characters. The whole game is centered around a journalist in search of the truth behind cute food-based-animals. You then work to rebuild the town of Snaxburg through catching these magnificent creatures. Need I really say more?

Bugsnax releases this December and it couldn’t come soon enough!

Bugsnax - Gameplay Trailer [HD 1080P]


Last but not least we have Godfall – a high-fantasy mix of Warframe and hack n’ slash titles like Devil May Cry. Godfall looks gorgeous and boasts a loot progression system – which is funny since the game is being published by Gearbox. You can play the game solo or in squads of three – because four badass knights is too many. You and your squad will traverse through the four elemental realms, plowing through enemies and collecting Valorplates along the way. 

These Valorplates unlock new and powerful armor sets to use – so basically they’re your Warframes. Except these are seemingly chunkier, and you won’t have to wait a week to build one. Counterplay Games has promised no microtransactions – let’s hope they don’t pull an Activision on us and add them in later. You’ll have five weapon classes to choose from: longsword, dual blades, warhammer, polearm and greatsword. Which weapon you choose is really up to how you want to beat the s**t out of your enemies.

Godfall drops this holiday season, which’ll make for a busy holiday for us all.

Godfall - Gameplay Walkthrough | PS5

Honorable mention – Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Imagine if you will – Assassin’s Creed in a medieval setting, where you join up with three other players and infiltrate castles to steal treasure stealthily, but brutally. This of course could be a completely wrong interpretation of the trailer, but watch this and tell me what you think this game could be.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends - Reveal Trailer

All I know is that it looks great, and ticks all my boxes for interest. It also looks like this isn’t just a party-based affair, as at the end the group we’ve followed is ambushed. This could play out to be more like a Hunt: Showdown situation, but with a focus on tactics and strategy. 

Hood: Outlaws & Legends comes out – uh, sometime? – in 2021 

That’s a wrap on the highlights

Sony did make clear that this State of Play would mostly be about PS4 and new titles. So I hope you weren’t too disappointed like stream chat was. I’m sure Sony will be holding yet another State of Play before we hit the holidays – if not only to rub in how much money they’ll be making from us with the release of the PS5.

I of course didn’t cover all the titles shown here. The full live stream is below, so feel free to check it out!

State of Play | August 6th 2020 [ENGLISH]

All in all this was a good buffer for what’s to come. Tons of new games are in the pipe for both the PS4 and PS5 and there’s lots for fans, new and old, to look forward to. What is your most anticipated game for this holiday? I’m personally still holding out hope that Sucker Punch was secretly working on an inFAMOUS sequel for next gen consoles.

We’ll see you next time on SQUAD for more highlights!

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