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Sony wows CES 2020 with (extremely minimal) PS5 reveal

Good job Jim.

OK, maybe not “wows” as much as “huh?’s”. Many fans believed that they would be hearing about the up and coming Playstation 5 at this year’s CES. What they got instead was a logo and some talking points. 

A disappointing event –

In what is surely destined to become one of the more infamous moments of CES 2020, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan pulled an Atlus and teased us to wait for more information in the coming months.

What fans did get was the logo for the PS5, and details on some of the features of the upcoming new-gen console. Ryan also confirmed the PS5 2020 holiday release, likely done to aid competition with the Xbox Series X.

 – But exciting new specs

The PS5 will also with AMD hardware, 8K TV support, and backwards compatibility with PS4 games and PSVR gear. The console is also said to have a revamped new UI. Game discs will start sporting 100GB’s of storage on new BDXL Blu-Rays, possibly meaning less download and larger games. The addition of an SSD also means faster boot times for games. Sony has stated that they’re looking to have a more seamless experience for swapping between games; what that means exactly, we’ll have to wait and see.

A photo released summarizing some of the new features for the PS5
Some of the known new features of the PS5.

As of yet, we are not sure if the leaked images of a V-shaped PS5 hold any weight, and we’ll wait to see official images of the console in the near future. The Playstation dedicated event is rumoured to happen Feb. 12, meaning fans may not have to wait too long to learn about the console. It makes sense that Sony is following their old habits, as they announced the PS4 the same way back in 2013.

It seems consoles will finally be catching up to PC this generation. And it’s nice to see the competition heating up, with a slew of exclusives slated for each platform.

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