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The Big O desktop is a gaming PC and console chimera

Because you really can't decide what console you want

All gaming platform purists look away now. Our next CES 2020 gaming highlight – The Big O from Origin PC is – might just burn your corneas right off.

Are you the ultimate space saver and gamer? Have you ever wondered if you could have your console and PC merged together for easy access and switching? Well, you can now. The Big O v2 from Origin PC lets you choose between having an Xbox One S or PS4 Pro merged to your gaming PC in a sort of ungodly amalgam. You can customize the internals to your liking and even add in an Elgato 4K60 Pro capture card. They let you choose between Intel and AMD, as well as any level of hardware you’re looking for.

If you’re new to PC gaming, you may also add in any peripherals and accessories you need to complete your setup. All in all, one of these systems will run you about $2,500USD for the default setup, without anything added. One thing about it that I like is that it runs quite a bit of Corsair hardware, which I am a big fan of.

The original Big O desktop was an Xbox 360 mashed together with a PC back in 2009. In 2019, Origin PC showed off the v2 for their 10th anniversary. Ever since I heard about it, I’ve been trying to see if anyone had done it themselves. I was so excited about this PC-console hybrid that I actually wanted to try making it on my own. The problem of course is that I have no experience with that kind of thing. Had I tried it, I likely would’ve destroyed both my PC and my PS4 in one fell swoop.

When it was first announced, in its new smaller-but-stronger form, it wasn’t available for purchase. That version was a quad-platform monster. It had a PS4, Xbox One and PC all in one, with a Nintendo Switch dock built in. I’m a little sad that one wasn’t available for purchase, it would have been a wild thing to own.

Obviously, this console-PC hybrid would be a big draw for multi-platform gamers who can afford it. If I hadn’t already sunk money into my PS4 and PC,  I would jump on this immediately. If you’ve bought a Big O for yourself, please DM me and rub it in because there is no way I could buy one for myself.

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