10 tips for ranking up in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The ranking system in Counter Strike: Global Offensive can be a bit daunting, but it’s an integral part of the experience. CS:GO players  have to play often, but also play smart, in order to reach higher ranks.

If you’re not climbing the ranks as fast as you’d like, don’t worry! First, it is quite normal for players to make mistakes that hold them back – I wrote an article on that subject. Beyond making sure to avoid repeating mistakes, there are some good practices that will help you win more.

1. Learn the team play basics

This is the first and one of the most important things to learn in order to do well in CS:GO. Communication is key to success in competitive matches. Did you spot an enemy in the jungle? Tell your teammates. Did someone sneak-kill you on the bombsite? Tell your teammates. It’s important to always share information, as it can turn the tides of the round and overall match.

2. Check positions and spot the enemy

Before rushing somewhere, check enemy positions. Look around for a little while to ensure there’s no trap ahead of you. Doing this can sometimes lead to an advantage. I mean, I have been hasty before, killing an enemy the second I set my eyes on them, only to find that they had two other teammates right behind them. Had I waited for a bit longer, the result might have been different.

10 Best Advices For Ranking Up in CS:GO

3. Learn the spray patterns

In real life, weapons have recoil and spray patterns. When CS:GO was designed, it was designed with realism in mind. That means whichever weapon you pick up, you will have to learn and practice its pattern. Just “aiming for the head” will not work perfectly.

Make sure you understand each weapon’s uniqueness, and use it correctly to your advantage. If you just can’t get used to a certain weapon’s pattern, then choose a different one.

4. Use those ‘nades wisely

If you’ve watched any major league match or professional streamers, then you know the importance of throwing grenades onto the perfect spot. Learn how and where to throw your grenades, and watch as the magic unfolds. Do it incorrectly, and you might end up blinding yourself and your teammates or even killing off your wounded friends.

5. Reload before rushing in

Pretty much everyone who has played CS:GO has eventually entered a bombsite or enemy area with an empty weapon clip. It’s sad but it happens. Always pay close attention to your ammo state before going full Rambo.

If there is a spot where you know the enemy will be, reload your weapon beforehand. Ideally do so while you’re still far away, so they won’t hear the reload. It can save your life, especially if you’re going for a sneak attack.

10 Best Advices For Ranking Up in CS:GO

6. Know where to plant

Carelessly planting the bomb is a no-no. Before planting, you must always assess your situation. Are there any enemies nearby that can kill you while you’re planting? Is there a spot where you can plant the bomb that will expose the enemy completely?

Mastering bomb planting can completely turn matches in your favor.

7. Learn how to defuse the bomb

Much like planting the bomb, there is a certain technique to defusing it. Sometimes terrorists hide and only attack when they hear the enemy defusing the bomb. Here you can use the fake defusing tactic to lure the enemy out.

It’s also important to know the defusing times. Unlike planting – which takes 3 seconds – defusing a bomb takes 10 seconds. However, if you have a defuse kit, then it will only take 5 seconds. If you don’t have the defuse kit and see the bomb is almost about to explode, then it’s best to just move away and save your weapon and gear for the next round.

8. Check the minimap – frequently!

The minimap is a vital asset, yet a lot of people don’t even bother to look at it during rounds. People, checking the minimap once every 20 seconds can give you awesome insight on the enemy’s tactics and strategy. If they shoot or cross a teammate’s sight line, you will see it on the minimap and immediately know their position. You should always use that to your advantage.

10 Best Advices For Ranking Up in CS:GO

9. Change your position with each round

Doing the same route and strategy each and every round is a great way to get yourself and your team killed. People are perceptive and can easily spot repetitive patterns. That is why it is important for you to change your position every round, even if you’re going to the same place every time.

Switching routes or camping positions will confuse your enemy or make them more wary, never allowing them to get used to your playing style.

10. Optimize sound settings

Sometimes in CS:GO, just keeping your ears open can prove to be a great advantage. Optimize your sound settings to completely mute round music, increase player movement volume, and use headphones! To go a step further, you can use one of the extremely in-depth audio guides for CS:GO available online, like this one by Steam user Vloshko.

You should also learn to distinguish all sounds, whether it’s footsteps, reloads, and so on. Listening closely can be a life saver!

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