5 great CS:GO streamers to learn from and improve

Everyone who games competitively knows the advantages of watching pro players stream. You get to learn about different tactics and special tricks in your game. Sometimes you just pick up on good habits to improve your own skills. CS:GO streamers especially can be a treasure trove of knowledge. With that in mind, here’s is my top 5 favorite CS:GO streamers!


Braxton Pierce, a.k.a Swag is one of my absolute favorite streamers of any game. Despite being the same age as me, he has definitely made his mark in the CS:GO esports world, while I’m stuck to the “ordinary life”. There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding Swag, but in my opinion, he’s still one of the best streamers out there, and you can definitely learn a lot from him. I know I have!

Brax: CS:GO Highlights #1


If you’ve recently started playing CS:GO, then Eric Hoad a.k.a. AdreN is the best streamer to watch. He has a knack for sharing all his game info while streaming. In fact, he’s so good at that, that he’s gained the nickname “The Teacher”.

His YouTube channel is filled with tips and tricks, and his streams are honestly the best. I feel like he really helps players who are looking to make the jump from just good, to pro. And trust me, once you start watching his streams, you’ll be glued to the screen.



If you’re looking for a special tricks CS:GO streamer, then you should know that ex-pro Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is the absolute GOD! He’s got a wild sense of humor, and my favorite part is that he enjoys trolling his opponents in the game. He’s also very honest and relatable.

As an added bonus, Shroud doesn’t just play CS:GO. He streams a lot of different titles, and was instrumental in the growth of Apex Legends early on. If you’re into PUBG or Escape from Tarkov, or just like watching the highest level of play in any FPS, then you should definitely check out Shroud.



Oleksandr Kostyliev a.k.a. S1mple is a professional CS:GO player, currently with team Natus Vincere. He’s not only a pro player, but also an awesome streamer, always nailing those incendiary grenades and flashbangs. I admit, his Ukrainian accent can be hard to understand at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll definitely enjoy his streams. He is very focused on the game and a lot of people watch his streams to improve their own gameplay.

BEST OF s1mple! (2019 Highlights) - CS:GO

Miss Rage

Last but not least in my favorite list of CS:GO streamers is Julia, a.k.a. Miss Rage. There aren’t a lot of female CS:GO streamers out there, and she definitely deserves a highlight. She’s been around for quite a while, and although she doesn’t get much attention just yet, she is a great option to consider when learning about the game. She got the Global Elite status not so long ago, but there’s definitely a lot to be learned from her already.

Plus, she’s constantly doing giveaways and let’s face it, everybody wants those awesome CS:GO skins.

Stream Highlights 4 | Miss Rage

That’s it! That’s my absolute favorite CS:GO streamer list. It may sound like a big claim, but watching any (or all) of these streamers will get you to play a whole lot better, or at least expand your mind on how to improve. Let me know what you think of these streamers in the comments below!

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