6 communication mistakes CSGO players always make

Seriously, don't do this stuff

People who don’t play CSGO think it’s nothing more than a simple first-person shooter game. WRONG! While the concept itself is simple, it takes a lot of tactics and a well thought-out strategy. If you’re planning on winning any competitive matches, then you need to learn how to communicate with your teammates. With that in mind, let’s explore the 6 common communication mistakes I see (and hear) CSGO players make, so you can sort that sh*t out and get some wins!

Mistake 1 – Not listening to your teammates’ plan

When playing competitive, the first rookie mistake you can do is not listening to the plan your team comes up with. This isn’t directly linked to a communication mistake, but it does weigh a lot on the outcome of the match. Competitive matches are all about teamwork, not just getting kills.

Now, obviously there is a difference between not hearing a plan and not agreeing with it. Whenever your team comes up with a plan, if you don’t like with it, then say that. Suggest a different plan. Don’t just go full rogue mode and head in the other direction. This can get your team killed off, and eventually ruin the entire match for everyone, yourself included.

6 (Communication) Mistakes in CSGO That Piss Everyone Off

Mistake 2 – Not notifying teammates of enemy whereabouts

Got yourself killed? Saw a bunch of enemy players heading to bomb site A? TELL YOUR TEAMMATES! Keeping your team informed of the last known location of enemy players can actually save the round. NOT telling your teammates can get them ambushed and killed; it’s that simple. Just because you are down it doesn’t meat your team has to lose.

Mistake 3 – Radar, radar, radar

This is perhaps the most basic of all the CSGO mistakes on our list, but here we go: if you’re camped at a somewhat calm position and you notice the hostiles closing in on your teammates, let them know! The enemy is probably going for a sneak attack, or maybe your teammates just didn’t notice them, and you might actually be saving them.

Mistake 4 – Rushing without warning

If your team is beginning to lose, or if you just feel like moving in to get some action, ask your teammates to join you. They might have a different idea, but at least they should know. Otherwise, you’ll be flanked and outnumbered for sure, possibly throwing the round.

Mistake 5 – Don’t just yeet that flash!

Possibly the worst thing you can do in a round is to throw a flash grenade without warning your team. They’ll probably won’t be prepared (no one expects their own teammates to blind them), and might end up getting killed in the process. Their blood would be on your hands in that case.

6 (Communication) Mistakes in CSGO That Piss Everyone Off

Mistake 6 – Learn the callouts

Know the map inside-out but don’t know the names of each location? Shame. Learning the callouts is VITAL to your team’s success. Why? Because no one understands what “enemy on the thingy with the tunnel” means.

Now that you know some of the 6 worst CSGO communication mistakes, make sure you don’t do them! Or be prepared for the toxic feedback you will certainly get. And for those of you that like myth-busting, check out our list of the most persistent myths in CSGO.

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