CS:GO maps ranked for new players – and how to win on them

Dude, where's my bomb?

Much like in real life, the better you know a map in CS:GO, the better your chances are of getting out alive.There are many maps in CS:GO, but there are six specific maps that get more attention from players. These maps are the ones you should definitely know inside and out.

They are: Dust II, Inferno, Mirage, Cache, Cobblestone, Nuke and Overpass. To become a well-rounded player, take your time to learn these CS:GO maps and completely master their callouts. Let’s explore them, and do a map ranking, from worst to best for new players!

7. Nuke

Nuke is what you call a newbie nightmare in CS:GO. The main building has three-floor levels: the main level (Bombsite A), a catwalk level and basement (Bombsite B). There are a bunch of entry points to each site, which means you need to have eyes on the back of your head. This map is an absolute nightmare for experienced CS:GO players, so you can imagine what it is like for newbies.

6. Cobblestone

Cobblestone is a map featuring a medieval-looking castle. It’s quite beautiful, but also quite difficult to play on. Why? Well, it has a great number of wide-open areas and small entry corridors. Plus, the middle area of the map isn’t really set straight, because of the castle, so it has a pretty odd layout. If the CTs are already guarding the bomb sites and know all the entry points Ts can come in from, defending is an easy job.

But that’s hardly ever the case. It’s much easier for a Terrorist to take control of the bombsite, and once the bomb is planted, it’s easy to predict the Counter Terrorists’ moves, as there are only a few ways they can come in from in time to defuse the bomb. So, definitely not a noob-friendly map.

5. Overpass

Those who have played Overpass probably already know this, but this is one those CS:GO maps where CTs are given a ridiculous amount of map control at round start. And whenever Terrorists manage to find their way into A site or B site, it gets quite tricky to defend it. Plus, Overpass has a ridiculous amount of sniper roosts, which means if the enemy team has a well-rounded AWPer, you’re pretty much screwed. It’s a map for people who excel at tactics, and people who have a good long range aim.

4. Cache

This is one of the simplest CS:GO maps. It’s a three-lane map with a very easy layout and doesn’t favor CT or T, which results in a good balance between teams. Each round has a good timing, allowing for new players to use this map to learn the game, before moving on to more difficult venues.

3. Inferno

Much like Overpass, in this map CTs are given the starting advantage, meaning it’s more difficult playing on the Terrorist side. The Ts have to get creative and find ways to push the CTs out of the bomb sites in time to plant the bomb. In this map, it’s highly recommended to establish a good communication with team members, at least if you plan on winning.

2. Dust II

Dust II is without a doubt the most popular map in the game, and for good reason. There are three entry points into each bomb site, and three paths to follow within the map. Its layout is quite balanced, meaning there is no obvious advantage in either team. That being said, it’s one of the most entertaining CS:GO maps and also a great one for learning the ins and outs of the game.

Map Ranking For CS:GO Beginners

1. Mirage

The number one noob-friendly map in CS:GO  (on my opinion) is Mirage. It’s a short map with three lanes, meaning it’s easy to learn it. There is no obvious advantage for either team, and its great for learning team tactics. It’s easier to learn map control and rotations here, so Mirage is definitely the best option for new players.

And that is my noob-friendly CS:GO maps ranking ! Next stop: learn how to properly communicate with your teammates!

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