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Grenades are essential equipment in CS:GO, yet they tend to get overlooked by many players. While it is understandable to focus on your gun skills, throwables deserve some love too. In fact, using throwables effectively makes winning matches that much easier. In this article, I’m going to share some CS:GO tips, best practices, and tricks for every grenade in the game.

CS:GO Grenade Tips and Tricks

High Explosive Grenade

First up on the CS:GO grenade tips list is the HE Grenade. This throwable’s purpose is straightforward: to cause maximum damage fast. It creates a small explosion which causes damage to any nearby enemies. It costs $300 and its impact varies quite a lot depending on the enemy’s distance to the explosion.

It doesn’t kill instantly, even if the enemy is sitting right on top of it. However, it can leave them on the brink of death, as it causes a maximum of 98 damage. That is, unless they are wearing armor – then the HE Grenade will only cause up to 48 damage.

There are many uses for a HE Grenade. First, it can be used to throw at enemies rushing into the site together, either causing a lot of pain or forcing them to split up. You can also use it to force an enemy out of cover. When you know someone is ducking behind a box or wall, throw one their way to get them to move or die.

Smoke Grenade

As its name implies, the Smoke Grenade creates a cloud of smoke which blocks line of sight. It’s a great zoning tool and one of the most used grenades in CS:GO, as it can provide massive tactical advantage.

First, it can prevent the opposing team from just rushing into the bombsite. It can force your enemies to reroute to a different path where your teammates wait in ambush. It can also isolate the bombsite, making it easier for the CTs to stand their ground and protect it. It lasts for about 18 seconds, which makes the $300 investment worth it.

Plus, Smokes have a secret use that not all players are familiar with: they stop the Molotov and Incendiary grenades’ effect, due to the oxygen in that area being cut out. This can be very useful at times.

CS:GO Grenade Tips and Tricks


If you’re a CS:GO regular, then you’ve probably already been blinded by a Flashbang grenade. These nasty little guys have the power to disorient and blind an enemy for up to 5 seconds. The downside? They don’t just affect the enemy. If you throw the Flash and look in its direction, you too will get blinded by it, therefore making the throw completely useless, and a waste of $200.

Nevertheless, they are a great asset for both defensive and offensive teams. They work amazingly well against AWPers who have you pinned in one spot. If they are scoped, they won’t even see what’s coming their way, until it’s too late.

Molotov Cocktail

Molotovs are available only for the T-side in CS:GO, as CTs will have their own version in Incendiary grenades. However, despite having a similar function, Molotovs are cheaper, costing $400.

They have many, many purposes. They can be used to clear out-of-view angles where enemies might be lurking, or to block small pathways to prevent enemy entry. Some players throw Molotovs at the planted bomb, in order to prevent the CTs from defusing it in time.

A well placed Molotov can be quite impactful. For that reason, before throwing one, you need to have good understanding of trajectories, to ensure that it hits the spot you were aiming for. The flames will last up to 7 seconds – provided no one extinguishes them with a Smoke – and cause about 8 damage per second.

The main advantage of the Molotov over the HE grenade, is that it has 100% armor penetration, meaning no one safe from the burn.

CS:GO Grenade Tips and Tricks

Incendiary Grenade

The Incendiary Grenade costs $600 and much like the Molotov, it is incredibly useful for blocking enemy passage. It’s the most expensive grenade in CS:GO, and unlike other grenades, you can buy more than one per round. However, people tend to choose the HE grenade over this one, as it causes immediate damage and is quite cheaper.

Decoy Grenade

The Decoy Grenade is by far the cheapest throwable in CS:GO, costing $50. Its objective is to mimic a player’s gunfire for 15 seconds, directing enemy attention to where you want it. While they do their job differently, Decoys are similar to Flashbangs in that they can be used to get an opponent to turn their back.

Another situation where the Decoy Grenade can be helpful, is when your team has a smoke grenade down to block a path. The Decoy will make the enemy think you are pushing into the area, while you can go around and surprise them from another angle.

Finally, and to the knowledge of very few people, this grenade is capable of causing damage. It’s incredibly low, so actually getting a kill with one is highlight reel worthy.

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