New CS:GO anti-cheat Trusted Launch – everything you need to know

A few months ago I wrote an article on CS:GO cheaters and how Valve was dealing with that issue. The company had over 1.700 CPUs tracking cheaters and banning them, but it still wasn’t enough. Today I bring some good news on the subject, as Valve has released their new anti-cheat system for CS:GO, Trusted Launch.

What is the Trusted Launch and what does it do?

Trusted Launch is an optional setting for players that will help Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) improve the detection of cheaters. The beta was launched just a few days ago, and players can now use that option.

Players who choose to enable the Trusted Launch setting will find that it restricts access to CS:GO in a significant way, blocking players who use external non-approved programs. There is no specification on what sort of programs or files are included in the restriction, but I find that, in a way, it works similarly to Vanguard, the anti-cheat system used in Valorant.

Once activated, Trusted Launch monitors the player’s system and searches for any third-party program or file interacting with the game. If everything is okay, then the player won’t have any issues playing the game. If not, the player will get a warning indicating they won’t be able to play the game until such program or file is removed.

CS:GO | Valve introduces new anti-cheat system

The player can disable this option, but won’t be able to play in VAC-enabled servers. Not only that, but players who activate and then disable this option will also temporarily find themselves with a low trust score, until a Valve’s CPU can verify whether the player is cheating or not.

While you’d think this new anti-cheat system is quite similar to Valorant‘s Vanguard, it does differ in certain ways. It’s not as aggressive as Vanguard, instead giving players a bit more control over whether they want to use it or not.

I haven’t seen much difference yet, as a lot of players still aren’t aware of this new optional setting. Hopefully, when Valve officially releases the anti-cheat, it’ll improve everyone’s game, and we’ll all be able to enjoy CS:GO without the overbearing presence of cheaters.

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