The CSGO Trusted Launch anti-cheat is causing new problems

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article on the new CSGO anti-cheat system, Trusted Launch, which was supposed to fix the game’s biggest problem. At the time it looked quite promising. I mean, the idea behind it – only allowing players with a clean record to play in certain servers where no cheaters were allowed – was just perfect. Just not doable, as it seems.

Trusted Launcher worked out just fine at first, blocking all external processes from being able to interact with the game, and lowering the trust factor of any player that disables the VAC system. But nothing lasts forever, especially if it’s good.

Expelling players unfairly

Although blocking external processes does help with keeping cheaters out, it also keeps out players who simply had unofficial game modes and community servers on. Not only that, a lot of players have been complaining that completely unrelated programs, such as Spotify and Discord, have also been filtered in the VAC system and lowered their trust factor unfairly.

And if by some magical way you manage to get into a CSGO match without Trusted Launch hounding your innocent programs, there is another problem: performance.

CS:GO’s new anti-cheat system is causing trouble

A lot of players, myself included, have been facing issues with performance. I can’t tell how exactly there is a correlation between the VAC system and performance in the game, but the FPS rate has lowered significantly.

Cheaters are using the VAC system to their advantage

We all know cockroaches are incredibly difficult to kill, and this is also true in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The VAC system was designed specifically to keep cheaters away, but it is now backfiring in a pretty bad way.

Hackers have reportedly found loopholes in the VAC system that allows for it to be exploited to the cheater’s benefit. When this method is used, if a cheater is reported, the system will target someone else playing that same match. I haven’t experienced this myself, but I definitely do not like that idea at all.

Another method cheaters use is grief bans. Cheaters are now able to grief ban someone for team kills, being AFK for not wanting to get a cooldown, or any other action that will get the Overwatch system think it’s a griefing action.

And these bans are no joke. They can go up to 30 days, and if you catch this ban twice it can become permanent.

CS:GO’s new anti-cheat system is causing trouble

I was really excited about the VAC system when it was launched. I love CSGO, but playing against cheaters is a nightmare. I mean, it was impossible to go through a competitive match without running into one or more cheaters. Even if the cheater is on your side, it just takes the fun out of the game. At some point, I even started running into cheaters in casual matches. Who even does that?!

Anyway, in the beginning, Trusted Launcher felt like the solution to the problem. I am not sure anymore. Is Valve doing something to improve their CSGO new anti-cheat system? They haven’t said much on the subject. As far as fixing it, you can always disable the Trusted Launcher, but be warned that this will lower your trust factor.

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