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4 video game villains who should be Dead By Daylight DLC

Guest characters from other games could make Dead By Daylight the a cameo filled scare-fest

Dead By Daylight is quickly becoming one of my favorite games because of its extensive roster of iconic killer. Sure, the gameplay is fantastic too, but the characters available to use is a massive draw. I wrote an article a few weeks ago about horror movie killers who should come to the game. Now, I want to talk about other video game characters who could serve the Entity and add new flavor to Dead by Daylight.

Licker – Resident Evil 2

Let’s start with the Licker, one of the most notorious enemy types in the Resident Evil franchise. What makes this creature such a nuisance, is that it relies almost entirely on sound. The Licker crawls on all fours, pounces towards their prey when they have located it, and uses a massive tongue to ensnare it.

If we’re comparing existing killers to a Licker, the Demogorgon comes to mind. But there is much more to it.

What makes the Licker such a formidable enemy is that it’s so unique. Behaviour Interactive could make gameplay visually different to represent the creature’s reliance on sound. Having the environment less colorized to amplify the feeling of blindness would be awesome.

The fact that the creature can’t stand on its hind legs means it would be harder to spot. A mixture of ranged attacks (the tongue) and physical abilities would make it fun to play. Lastly, having a strong sense of hearing would make surviving difficult, because the Licker would be able to hunt its prey with ease even without line of sight.

Ink Bendy – Bendy and the Ink Machine

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a deceptively scary game. Meant to emulate old-school Disney cartoons, this horror game is the stuff of nightmares. At the forefront is Ink Bendy, a failed experiment to bring to life the lovable mascot, Bendy.

What makes him such a formidable opponent is that he relentlessly pursues those who cross his path. The creature’s hulking posture and persistence are enough to crawl under anybody’s skin.

In terms of joining Dead by Daylight, Ink Bendy’s demonic look could strike fear into the hearts of those who look his way, causing a debuff. The ink dripping down the body can slow down survivors who attempt to flee.

Unlike other characters in the Dead By Daylight roster, Ink Bendy doesn’t have many physical attacks. What makes the character work is the way he can manipulate the environment with ink traps – this could make him an effective killer, and potentially frustrating to play against.

Freddy Fazbear – Five Nights At Freddy’s

Another unconventional choice for Dead By Daylight would be Freddy Fazbear from the popular Five Night’s At Freddy’s franchise. Freddy is an animatronic that brings joy to children by day, and utter mayhem to anyone still around at night. Get in his line of sight, and Freddy will hunt you down until captured.

What makes Freddy terrifying – besides not knowing where he is most of the time – is the implication of how he will kill you. Fans of the franchise know that Freddy stuffs his victims into a rudimentary mascot suit. Imagine being downed by Freddy, and actually watching him kill you by putting you into his suit? That’s a horrific image that would make for an unforgettable video game moment.

Freddy Fazbear's normally unseen actions would make for an interesting mechanic in Dead By Daylight.

Freddy also became more decayed and nightmarish as the Five Nights franchise progressed. I can only imagine the possibilities when it comes to creating terrifying alternate costumes.

Tyrant (Mr. X) – Resident Evil 2

Lastly, let’s bookend this list with another character from the Resident Evil franchise. Encountering Mr. X for the first time is burned into the minds of many gamers. Whether it was in the 1998 version of the stellar 2019 remake, nothing will beat the iconic Tyrant’s introduction.

The massive thumping of his footsteps can be heard from miles away: imagine that transitioning to Dead By Daylight. Besides the Huntress who hums a song, most killers don’t make a sound when they walk. So mixing things up by making Mr. X very audible would ramp up the tension. Perhaps instead of an always-on terror radius, Mr. X could be heralded by his thundering footsteps, and be completely inaudible when standing still. Who needs a character’s heartbeat to cause anxiety, when you’d never truly know when the killer is nearby?

It sounds like a cheap trick for the person playing as the killer to win, but it would create some play potential for the killer, making movement a more deliberate part of the hunt. Dead By Daylight is at its best when the killers are unique, and changing up the formula with Mr. X could be great for the game.

Using Tyrant's hulking footsteps in Dead By Daylight would be anxiety-inducing.

Most of the recognizable downloadable killers are from movie franchises. Outside of Pyramid Head, villains from the video game world haven’t made an appearance in Dead By Daylight. It would be awesome for the studio to work alongside other companies to bring some fan-favorite villains to a new playing field.

What do you think? What video game villains would you like to see in Dead By Daylight? Let us know in the comments below. And stick around with SQUAD for more Dead by Daylight content!

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