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5 key differences in Dead by Daylight on Mobile

Dead by Daylight is now available on all platforms. However on mobile, Dead by Daylight has different mechanics than on all other devices. This will come as a surprise to any long time player that decides to try Dead by Daylight on their phone or tablet for the first time.

Here are the top 5 differences between Dead by Daylight and Dead by Daylight Mobile.

1. Bloodmarket instead of Bloodweb

The Bloodweb is one of the most iconic parts of Dead by Daylight. It is a web of perks, add-ons, offerings, and items. Players can buy what they want, but must choose their paths carefully before the Entity eats what they want. Additionally, finishing the Bloodweb will level up your character.

On mobile, the Bloodweb does not exist. Instead, we have the Bloodmarket which works much differently. The Bloodmarket will not level up your character, meaning leveling works differently on mobile as well – I will get to that later.

The Bloodmarket offers 5 rows of items, add-ons, offerings, and perks. However, players are limited to how many items they can choose per row.


On the first two rows players can buy one item to unlock the next row, two items to unlock the third row, and three items to unlock all the rows after that. You can buy items in the previous rows, but the Entity will eat up a row after you buy too much.

Once you buy out the fifth row, the Bloodmarket will refresh. It can also refresh once every 24 hours, and you can see a timer for that on the right side. If players do not want to wait, they can force-refresh the Bloodmarket with some Auric Cells.

At the moment, the Bloodmarket can be quite frustrating for Killers. This is because there is no way to select which Killer you want the Bloodmarket to generate for. This means that you can get add-ons for a Killer you do not even want to play. It just seems to generate add-ons for each Killer you own. So you can have Trapper, Hillbilly, and Clown add-ons all in one Bloodmarket. Even if you do not play a particular Killer at all, as long as you own them you get add-ons for them.

Dead by Daylight mobile Bloodmarket

2. Character leveling

As I mentioned earlier, the Bloodweb is what levels up characters on the PC and console versions of Dead by Daylight. On mobile it is a different story. In order to level a character, you have to play that character. This is not a problem for Survivors, since they all have the same playstyle. But for Killers that’s not the case.

The reason it is a bigger downside for Killer mains is because each Killer’s power is different. So you have to learn how to utilize each Killer’s power, which is a huge task with 16 Killers to choose from on mobile. You may excel at one Killer, but have trouble playing another. Or you may just not enjoy playing some Killers.

character leveling

Personally, I dislike playing Killers with slow playstyles – like Trapper – but I can still play them effectively. But being forced to play Trapper just to unlock his teachable perks seems like such a huge chore, and the opposite of fun – especially with how brutal Survivors are to inexperienced Killers.

3. Shared inventory

Dead by Daylight on PC and console has separate inventories for each character. In order to have any items, offerings, or add-ons, you must spend Bloodpoints on those characters. On mobile this is not the case. Instead, all your Survivors share the same inventory, excluding perks.

As for Killers, you can use any offerings you buy off the Bloodmarket on any Killer. The same is not true for add-ons, since those change for every Killer.

shared inventory

This is a good way for the inventory to work, since you are not limited to playing a specific character just because you want to use a med-kit or burn a special offering like an Escape Cake. It also takes away the factor of not wanting to play a Survivor because they have no items, which is an issue on PC and console.

Having a shared inventory also takes off some of the grind in Dead by Daylight. You can spend less Bloodpoints overall and get everything you want. Hopefully this feature will be integrated into Dead by Daylight on other platforms, but only time will tell.

4. Additional indicators

Indicators are an important part of Dead by Daylight. In PC, console, and mobile, indicators are used to aide Killers and Survivors. Killers usually see indicators when Survivors make loud noises, such as failing skill checks, screaming, or fast vaulting. Survivors only get an indicator when a generator is completed.

On mobile, Survivors do get many more indicators, and there are more indicators in general. This is mainly because mobile devices have much smaller screens and a lower graphics quality. It is difficult to see everything that is happening.

Dead by Daylight mobile Survivor Red Indicator

Survivors get a red indicator on some Killers when they use their Killer power. For example, when playing against the Hillbilly, all Survivors will get an indicator pointing to where he is when he revs his chainsaw. Another example is Huntress – as soon as a Survivor is in range of her lullaby, they will get a red indicator pointing towards her. This makes Killer gameplay much harder.

On the Killer side, there are additional indicators as well. Killers get an indicator pointing to a Survivor they are chasing, allowing them to keep better track of their prey. To make things easier, the Killer’s camera will also center on the Survivor being chased.

killer red indicator

5. Survivors can see other Survivor loadouts

This is a special feature that only only exists in Dead by Daylight Mobile. When you load into a lobby on PC or console, you can only see what Survivors everyone is playing, and if they are holding any items. However, you cannot see their perk loadouts or item add-ons. The Killer can see the same thing as the Survivors.

On mobile, the lobby screen is much different. Survivors can see the entire loadout of other Survivors before the game starts. This is incredibly important, because perks can change the playstyle of Survivors. For example, if you see someone has Borrowed Time, and you do not have it, then you will let that player save and instead work on a generator. If you did not know this, then you would have tried going for the save too.

Dead by Daylight mobile differences Survivor loadouts

Not only thatm but knowing each other’s items is useful information as well. If someone brings a key, you know you can rely on that Survivor to open the hatch. Another plus is that if that Survivor is sacrificed, you can pick up their item and leave with some sweet loot.

This is a feature that would be welcome on PC and console. It would bring solo Survivor up to a Survive with Friends level – and that is something Behavior wants to do. They have stated in the past they want to give solo Survivors as much information that a Survive with Friends player has, to even the playing field between solo and grouped up Survivors.

Dead by Daylight mobile differences Pc console lobby

There you have it, the top 5 differences between Dead by Daylight and Dead by Daylight Mobile. With so many different mechanics, Dead by Daylight Mobile feels like a completely different version of the game.

While it offers a lot of amazing features, it still has its problems, as all games do. Dead by Daylight Mobile also gives us some insight on how Behavior would have developed the game now, with everything they have learned, versus back when they first started.

If you want to learn more about Dead by Daylight Mobile, check out my review of the gameplay.

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