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Dead by Daylight Descend Beyond perks preview and analysis

Dead by Daylight has now released all the information about their newest chapter The Descend Beyond, including the new perks.This chapter is bringing in a new Killer called the Blight, and a new Survivor called Felix Richter, each introducing new perks to the game.

In this article, I am going to take a look at all the perks that Dead by Daylight is getting in The Descend Beyond, and discuss how they can be used, as well as what other perks they can be combined with.

Dragon’s Grip

Dragon’s Grip is the Blight’s first unique perk.

After kicking a generator, for the next 30 seconds, the first Survivor that interacts with it will scream, revealing their location for 4 seconds, and becoming afflicted with the Exposed status effect for 60 seconds. Dragon’s Grip has a cooldown of 120/100/80 seconds.

Dragon’s Grip looks like it is going to be a powerful addition for Killers. The Exposed status effect is the strongest effect in the game, because it allows Killers to down Survivors immediately from the healthy state to the injured state with their basic attack. What makes Dragon’s Grip even better is that it is a generator perk, finally giving Killers a way to make generators deadly for Survivors.

dragons grip

With Dragon’s Grip in the game, Survivors are going to be faced with some difficult decisions. Do they let the generator regress for 30 seconds? Do they just leave and go to a different generator? Or do they tap the generator and just deal with the 60 second Exposed status effect? Doing the latter could lead to an early death.

Dragon’s Grip can also be paired extremely well with other generator perks. The best combination is going to be with Hex: Ruin. What Hex: Ruin does is cause a generator to regress if no Survivors are working on it, and Dragon’s Grip will force Survivors to leave their generators as long as you chase them while they are Exposed.

I can also see Dragon’s Grip going well with Pop Goes the Weasel, which takes a huge chunk of progress out of generators.

dragons grip instant down

Another advantage of Dragon’s Grip is knowing where Survivors are. A lot of the time when a Killer is coming to a generator the Survivor on it will hide. The Killer will kick the generator and leave. Then the Survivor comes out of hiding and immediately stops the regression. With Dragon’s Grip, the Killer will know that a Survivor was sneaking behind their back, and know to go back to the generator for an easy down.

Hex: Undying

The Blight’s second unique perk is Hex: Undying.

When Hex: Undying is active and a different hex totem is cleansed, that hex will be transferred to a dull totem – so long as one exists. Survivor’s auras are shown for 4/5/6 seconds when within 2 meters of any totem. Tokens accumulated on hex perks are removed. The hex effects persist as long as the related hex totem is standing.

Hex: Undying brings a mechanic into Dead by Daylight that players have been wanting for a long time, which is the ability for a destroyed hex totem to be relocated to a dull totem. This allows players to have more use of their hex perks.

Hex: Undying will be great at preserving perks such as Hex: Ruin, but not so good with any hex perk that builds up tokens such as Hex: Devour Hope.

hex undying aura reveal Descend Beyond Perks Dead by Daylight

Besides this totem protection, Hex: Undying provides another useful effect: the ability to see Survivor auras whenever they are within 2 meters of a totem. Totems are littered throughout every map in Dead by Daylight and many times Survivors will walk past them throughout the match. A lot of the times Survivors do not even notice the totem near them as long as it is not a hex totem. This means that Hex: Undying can give you a lot of valuable information about the location of Survivors. This aura reading can also let you know if a Survivor is cleansing any of your hex totems.

However, like all hex perks, Hex: Undying has a RNG factor to it. The Survivors could get lucky and cleanse Hex: Undying on their first try, eliminating the reason for running this perk. Or they could get unlucky and struggle to get rid of any of your hex perks. This makes Hex: Undying not as strong as perks that offer more consistency, although it still has the potential to do amazing things in a build focused on hex totems.

Hex: Blood Favor

The Blight’s final perk is Hex: Blood Favor.

When a Survivor is hit, pallets within 16 meters of your location are held in place by the Entity for 15 seconds. These pallets cannot be pulled down. Hex: Blood Favor has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds. The hex effects persist as long as the related hex totem is standing.”

At first glance this perk sounds amazing as it completely counters pallet loops. One of the strongest tools for Survivors can finally be locked down by Killers. However, 16 meters is not that far of a range to block pallets. At the most, this perk will only block one to three pallets around you. Survivors can easily counter this perk by just going to a different loop area. Most Survivors run Sprint Burst, Lithe, or Dead Hard, which makes it even easier for them to transition to other areas.

blocked pallet

Another factor that makes this perk weak is that when you hit a Survivor they get a speed boost. This speed boost is more than enough to allow a Survivor to get to a pallet 16 meters away from you. This makes the perk pretty useless. The best you can hope for is that Hex: Blood Favor is up by the time you down the Survivor. This way if they go down at a pallet, you can pick them up without worrying about Survivors trying to pallet save.

The last downside to Hex: Blood Favor is that it is a hex perk. Like all hex perks, it suffers from RNG and therefore is unreliable. Of course, you can run Hex: Undying to get more use out of Hex: Blood Favor. But this perk will still only be effective against new players who do not know they need to transition to a new area if the Killer has this perk.

That covers all of the Blight’s perks, now let’s take a look at Felix Richter’s unique perks.


Felix’s first unique perk is Visionary.

You see generators’ auras within 32 meters. Anytime a generator is completed, Visionary has a cooldown of 20/18/16 seconds.”

Visionary truly feels like a perk we do not need. It is like Behaviour ran out of ideas for new Dead by Daylight perks, so they just added this one to The Descend Beyond as an afterthought.

The reason Visionary is so unnecessary is because we already have a generator aura revealing perk: Déjà vu. It is only slightly different, as Déjà vu shows you the three generators that are the closest together, and only for a limited amount of time after a generator is completed. Déjà vu is far more useful though because it allows Survivors to prevent themselves from having the last three generators too close together, since that would put the game in the Killer’s favor and can result in a loss for the Survivors.

visionary Descend Beyond Perks Dead by Daylight

Another reason Visionary is not needed is because each generator has tall fog lights on it. So you can see a generator from far away without needing a perk. The only exception are generators that are indoors, but it is still easy to find generators by walking around. Not only that, but the Map and Rainbow Map reveal the aura of generators they know the location of.

Desperate Measures

Felix’s second unique perk is Desperate Measures.

For each injured, hooked, or dying Survivor, increase your healing and unhook actions by 10/12/14%.”

This perk is going to be huge and will probably become widely used. If 4 Survivors are injured, hooked, or dying then that is a 56% increase: huge! Combining this perk with Resilience or Botany Knowledge would increase those speeds even more.

desperate measures

Survivors will most likely 99% the progress bar on their heal, so they can benefit from the boost Desperate Measures provide. If the Killer finds the Survivor. then all they have to do is one-tap their heal to complete it, putting them at full health to face the Killer. This would allow Survivors to maximize their usage of Desperate Measures.

This perk will definitely be a pain for Killers to deal with, as it greatly takes away from their ability to apply pressure during a game.

Built to Last

Felix’s final unique perk and the last of the new Dead by Daylight perks added with The Descend Beyond is Built to Last.

Once per trial, a depleted item will refill 30/40/50% of its charges after 10 seconds.”

This perk is another one that Survivors will love to play around with because restoring 50% of an item’s charges is a big deal, especially if you have a higher quality item with good add-ons. Built to Last just allows Survivors to get so much extra usage out of their item.

Built to Last can counter the Killer Perk Overwhelming Presence, which makes items lose their charges quicker when within the Killer’s terror radius. While this perk is not too popular, it can be quite annoying when a Killer does use it, as you barely get any use out of your item.

built to last Descend Beyond Perks Dead by Daylight

Survivors could also use Built to Last to restore the charges on their friend’s items, since this perk automatically activates when the item the Survivor is holding is depleted. If all four Survivors use Built to Last, then it is like having access to two extra items.

Those are all the new perks coming to Dead by Daylight in The Descend Beyond chapter. A lot of these perks feel like they have great potential, and we will see some interesting new builds with these. Some could even become meta perks and players will be seeing them every game.

I also think that, not coming Visionary, these perks are a lot better than the ones we got in The Silent Hill chapter.

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